Crystallizer to polish marble, travertine and terrazzo

Crystallizer will harden and shine marble floor



  • very easy to use;
  • use Rabbit-3 with one 40lb weight;
  • use it as often as you want;
  • use it with steel wool pad
  • cost effective
  • 1 Gallon;

Crystallizer is a product designed to harden and shine marble and terrazzo floors. Use it front of the elevator, at the main entrance and walk ways.  Developed in Spain some 40 years ago, the Crystallizer method has been used all over the world with good success. It is an inexpensive and superb product designed to make the marble floor look shiny and hard.

Just follow this instruction; once the floor is polished to a fine shine with the Marble Polish Powder (part # 8A10050) use this Crystallizer liquid with a steel wool pad on the floor machine.

From a hand sprayer, squirt a small amount down on to the floor, then with a slow motion, go over it with the steel wool pad. The key phrase is “use a small amount”.  Then work with the floor machine until the floor gets dry. To harden and shine a marble floor usually is a one person operation.

If you wish, you can repeat the process once or twice before you consider the job finished. Then move to another 6 foot x 6 foot territory. It is great product to harden and shine marble floors and will make it more difficult to wear down the shine. One more thing – put 1 weight (40lb) on the floor machine. Using the Crystallizer is a labour intensive job. While the cost of the Crystallizer liquid is negligible, the labour is not, and using a weight will save you time. You may use the steel wool until it looks ragged, but throw it away when it is spent. You don’t want to use rusted old steel wool pad on a nicely polished marble floor.

  • Crystallizer 5 liter Part # 8A10012
  • Steelwool, each. Part # 2A81001
  • Steelwool, case of 12. Part # 2A81002