KleanHard Concrete floor cleaner

KleanHard concentrated  concrete cleaner. Delute it to 2oz for a gallon of water and use it regularly.


KleanHard is well suited for concrete or terrazzo floors

  • a general floor cleaner for daily use;
  • contains lithium silicate;
  • packaged in 4 liter container;
  • use 2oz per gallon of water in the auto-scrubber;
  • use 2oz per gallon of water in with the swing-machine;

KleanHard is an excellent concrete and terrazzo floor cleaner. First and foremost it cleans the floor well. Since it contains lithium silicate, it will also harden the floor surface. This chemical reaction will help eliminate the constant powdering of the concrete and reduce the accumulation of concrete dust.
Use KleanHard in auto-scrubber for regular maintenance. On a small area you may use it with the floor machine (swing machine) and get the same result as with the auto-scrubber. In both cases the dilution is 2oz of KleanHard with 1 gallon of water. Put a red pad under the machine and set the maintenance period to suit the establishments need

Use 2 oz. per gallon of water with mop in bucket or in auto scrubber.

  • KleanHardd Part # 8A10040;