Marble Paste

Marble polishing paste

Marble polishing compound. Mix it with water trowel it on floor and with a white pad on floor machine polish the marble floor

Marble polisher paste

The best polishing paste on the market

  • Packaged in 5lb, 10 lb and 25lb
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting effect on the floor
  • Coverage: One pound of paste will cover 250 sqft to 350 sqft.


PC paste is one of the best marble polisher. PC paste has proved itself time and time again, it never fails to produce a shine.

In essence the result is either stunning or magnificent. While the best finish can be achieved after 3500 grit it will give the floor a nice shine after 800 grit. You may consider this a good solution for the price conscious customer. We carry two different sizes and they will go a long way. The reason is, because once you are finished one territory, you don’t trow the spent paste out. Just move it with a large squeegee to the next working territory. Add a small amount of fresh paste to it with water and continue the work. A well trained experienced  operator will able to polish 300 to 400 sqft with one pound of paste. However, consideration must be given to, different type of marble polish differently.

How to apply it ?

Janitor stick polish

Click on this link to see the detail Marble PASTE

Put an extra 40lb weight on the machine. Keep the slurry wet at all the time. Don’t let the floor dry out. Occasionally add a some water to it.
When the job is finished, rinse the floor. Then use a dry and clean white pad to remove the haze. You must take the haze off either with dry pad or use a tiny amount of water.

You will get a superior shine. Keep the left over mixture in the closed container. If it dries out, just steer it up with water.


  • Marble Paste 25lb Part # 2C01251
  • Marble Paste 10lb Part # 2C01250
  • Marble Paste 5lb Part # 2C01252