Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner

Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner

ex-Mira-clean #1

Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner is a scouring media for bathtub, ceramic or porcelain floor

Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner

Daily cleaning washbasin and sink

  • it has no harsh chemicals
  • it is non-toxic
  • it will clean about 3,000sqft/ gallon
  • can be used for interior & exterior purpose
  • NOTE: Miraclean #1 has been re-named to Porcelain & Ceramic cleaner
    Use this cleaner on the following surfaces:

  • Ceramic,Porcelain
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Plastic or Stainless steel sink
  • Toilet bowl, Bathtub
  • Shower wall
  • Formica surface
  • Counter top

Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner cleaner is a unique scouring compound. It will quickly removes stubborn stains, grease. Dilute to 1:10 and use it daily. The best use is in shower stalls where the walls and floor are covered with scum. To remove the scum use it by hand or with machine. Several machines may be used with this chemical. Small hand held oscillating polisher, or larger angle hand polisher. For floors use the large floor machine (swing machine). This product will also clean grout. Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner will remove hard water deposits, soap scum on stone showers. Use Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner straight from the bottle and rinse the surface after the job is finished.


Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner 1 Quart part# 8A10087

Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner  1 gallon  part# 8A10088