Removing stains from stone surface

Poultice powder to remove stains from marble, granite, travertine stones

Removing stain with POULTICE powder from stones

granite, travertine and concrete

Poultice powder,stain remover how to use. Mix this powder with any of the liquid listed below to remove stain from marble, granite, travertine and concrete. Poultice cleaning is a well proven several thousand years old method.  Just follow the instruction written below.

1. After mixing this powder with one of the liquid mentioned below, trowel it down ½” thick over the stain.

2. Cover it with plastic sheet (a plastic shopping bag will do fine) & secure it all around with masking tape. Do a good job and make sure that air won’t get under the plastic bag.

3. Leave it there for two or three days after which the stain miraculously migrated into the powder.

4. Lift the dry powder & discard it with stain.

5. Then clean the surface with water.

6. If there is etch on the marble, use polishing powder with white pad on a hand grinder.


Polishing powder, stain remover 2.5 kg part # 8A10051

Poultice plus Cleaner Part # 1lb part #8A10078  

Poultice plus Cleaner Part # 3lb part #8A10178

Removing stain from marble and other stones

1. Iron Stains (rust)

a. Sodium citrate and glycerin or
b. Ammonium Oxalate or
c. Oxalic Acid or
d. Orthophosphoric Acid and Sodium Salt of EDTA in water or
e. Diluted Hydrofluoric Acid or
f. if it cannot be removed then it is part of the stone structure.

2. Ink
a. On light colored marbles Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide;
b. Dark marbles use Lacquer Thinner or Acetone or Methyl Chloride

3. Oil type of Stains (grease, cooking oil, tar, food stains, etc.)
a. Bleach or Household Detergent or
b. Ammonia or
c. Mineral spirits or
d. Methyl chloride

4. Organic Stains (paper, tea, coffee, cosmetics, fruit, tobacco, etc.)

a. Hydrogen Peroxide 35% or
c. Acetone or Toluene or Xylene

5. Efflorescence [is a salt from the stone showing up as the water evaporate]

Mix distilled water with Poultice powder. You may mix it with Heavy Duty Acidic cleaner.

6. Copper Stains

a. Ammonium Chloride or
b. Ammonium Hydroxide

7. Biological Stains (algae, moss, fungi, mildew, etc.)
a. Dilute Ammonia or
b. Bleach or
c. Hydrogen Peroxide or
d. Sodium Hypochlorite

9. Urethane Coatings

a. Methyl Chloride or
b. Grinding

11. Paint

a. Alkaline Paint Remover
b. Methyl Chloride

12. Grout and Thin Set Residue

Scrub it with Residue Remover Part# 8A10073 from

15. Etching

a. Re-polish

16. Stuns/Crystal Fractures

Re-hone Often you can’t do anything with it. In time it will disappear.

17.Water Spots and Rings

Buff it with 800 and 1500 Astro pad then buff it with Polishing Powder 2.5 kg part # 8A10051 from

This will give you a good idea as to what does it takes removing stain from marble, granite and other stones.