Baseboard Cleaner

A water-based baseboard cleaning chemical

A water-based cleaner

Water Based baseboard cleaning chemical

  • Easy application with brush;
  • No harsh chemical in it;
  • NO over spray on to the wall;
  • Cleanup with water;
  • Can be used in hospitals;
  • Cleans the floor at the same time;

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Cleaning baseboards is one very hard work. The perfect solution is to clean it with the Rabbit-3 floor machine. Cleaning with the Rabbit-3 is probably 50 times faster than by hand. Of course you need the TroubleGone water based chemical which will stay on the VERTICAL baseboard and won’t run off.

In the past, we used the 3M Trouble shooter which was sprayed from an aerosol can. In hospitals and many schools you can’t use it any more. They won’t even let you step trough the threshold with it never mind using it.

Today we use the water based viscous TroubleGone which stays on vertical surfaces.

Fill up the Rabbit-3′s water tank with clean water. No you don’t put stripper or chemical in it, just water. Then dip a long handled brush into the bucket which contains the TroubleGone and “paint” it on the baseboard.(see picture below) Do this painting for 40 or 50 feet length and by the time you are back where you started, the chemical will have taken effect. Meaning that it softens the dirt and now you are ready to use the Rabbit-3 with the Scrub Jay attachment to remove the dirt. At this point with the machine, start mowing the dirt down while you feed the baseboard with clear water from the tank. Just keep your finger on the trigger and keep pulling it while the machine scrubs the baseboard.

With this simple method you’ll avoid the problems in hospitals and schools where aerosol spraying is prohibited.

The application is fast and safe. This method eliminates over spray which means you don’t have to wipe off the chemical from the wall.

Applying basebaord cleaning chemical on to baseboard

Painting the TroubleGone on to baseboard

  • TroubleGone. 4 liter Part # 8A01370