What Is a Concrete Floor Grinder?

Floor GrinderConcrete floor grinders are usually about the same size as a vacuum cleaner but they use horizontally rotating discs to level, smooth, or clean concrete surfaces. They work best at removing between 1/16 to 1/8 inches of surface material.

Concrete floor grinders are the equivalent of fine grain sandpaper in a range of masonry tools that includes planers, drills, saws, and chisels. Floor grinders can produce the smoothest looking surfaces of all the tools you might use for the job.

To make sure that the concrete dust created by the grinding apparatus is contained, each floor machine comes equipped with a rubber sleeve. You have your choice of accessories available for the discs: brushes, grinding stones, scarifiers, and diamond inserts. You also have your choice of disc hardness to make sure you get exactly the finish you want on your floor. Counter-rotating two disc models are sometimes used to offer greater control for the operator.

For convenience, most of these grinding machines are gas or propane powered so you do not need to worry about outlets and cords. For wet grinding jobs, certain models come with two-gallon water tanks. Almost all models come with a dust collector and vacuum.

Centaur Machines grinders are among the most powerful floor grinders, using diamond reinforced discs to produce results faster than other grinders. Our Stonechat grinder uses a DC soft-start motor that is capable of carrying over 240lbs of extra weight on top of its own.

Often you need to use special edge-grinders for hard corners and sometimes walls if you can’t get your machine close enough. On our Stonechat we made the top handlebar (22-inch) extra wide to reduce operator fatigue. The reason for the offset is to allow the operator to get close to the walls. Softer pads attached to floor grinders can be used to polish brick and more sensitive stone surfaces. Concrete floor grinders are frequently rented rather than purchased.

These grinders are not relegated to industrial and commercial use only – they are often used in certain residential projects as well. They are perfect for producing a rustic texture on stone or concrete surfaces.

Besides industrial or commercial applications, floor grinders are used in residential settings, for example to produce a rustic texture on stone or concrete. The Stonechat has an 18-inch grinding path. It is the most powerful marble, terrazzo grinder, and polisher machine we manufacture. Made in Canada with all Canadian and USA components, it is designed to grind, hone, and polish marble, terrazzo, travertine, and concrete floors.