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Nothing Compares

Absolutely love the centaur equipment. Been in the business for 40 years and nothing compares. The ability to add weight to the rabbit makes the job quicker with no need to lean into the machine on difficult marks. It’s faster and does a better overall job.

—Loraine McTaggart, Inside & Out Building Maintenance

global sanitation solutions

Best Canadian Made Cleaning Equipment

The very best Canadian made cleaning equipment in the industry! Complimented by outstanding customer service and genuinely wonderful people it’s always a pleasure working with Centaur!

— Vito Fiore, Global Sanitation Solutions


Exceptional Workmanship

“Centaur products have proven to be highly effective, extremely durable and cost effective. The Rabbit line meets all of or scrubbing, stripping and bonneting needs and we have many that are still in service that were purchased over ten years ago.

Furthermore, it has been our pleasure to deal with your company. You and your staff have always conducted yourselves with the highest level of integrity. That, together with a very solid product offering, has made this a very beneficial partnership.”

—Brian Gingras, CBSE President Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

NWR painting inc

The Vacuum Worked Flawlessly!

“So I just wanted to let you know I received the Falcon-5 and put it to work right away. I removed the popcorn ceiling in an entire house and filled 2 garbage bags full of drywall dust.

The vacuum worked flawlessly! The HEPA filter was spotless and the bag pre filters that you gave me were very important in this process.

Centaur switched the 10-foot hose to a 20-foot hose for me and they replaced the white filter bag with the grey drywall dust one. This level of customer service is hard to come by these days and because of that I have recommended the vacuums to a bunch of other painting companies in the US.

Thank you so much for Coordinating all of this and providing such amazing service and product.

Hats off to you for being a needle in the haystack in this day and age.”

—Nick Rochacewich, NWR Painting Inc.


Very Dependable

“Have been using Centaur for more than 15 years. We use the vacs for our janitorial services and the Stonechat machine for concrete prep. They are dependable and the sleek design is a plus. Over 143,000 sq ft of floor prep with the Stonechat…very dependable.”

—Linkon Price, The Cleaning Company


One-of-a-kind Product for Stripping Baseboards

Great experience with a one of a kind product for stripping baseboards. Great product, customer service and customer care. Fast and efficient, highly recommended company!

—Terri Maki, Ironwood Area Schools


Cleaning Carpets is 50% Faster!

“The floor machine that I had been using didn’t have enough power to clean carpets with my carpet brush attachment so I decided it was time to replace it. I decided to look into Centaur’s Rabbit-3 as I had heard good things about the power and quality of Centaur’s equipment. I purchased the Rabbit-3 with the “Freespin” carpet brush. What a difference! It operates the carpet brush with ease, even in the high speed setting. Cleaning the carpet is 50% faster than before, and the carpets are much cleaner. I will definitely be buying more Centaur equipment!”

—Ven Juntilla, Owner of J & J Building Maintenance Services

extreme clean

Made My Job So Much Easier

“I have worked with Centaur Machines for years. They are fantastic machines that made my job as a school custodian so much easier. A big plus is that they are Canadian Made.”

—Lucy Reed, Extreme Clean

jennifer car painting logo

The Best Vacuum I Have EVER Owned

I wanted to introduce you to BLUE BOY! She is the best vacuum I have EVER owned. Thanks @nwrpainting for the recommendation and thank you @centaurfloormachines for creating a vacuum that actually works and actually sucks ?? (Instragram)

—Jennifer Carr, Jennifer Carr Painting

the hurley group

One of the Secrets of Our Success

“Our relationship dates back to the mid-sixties, your persistence, dependable products and flawless customer service enabled our company to focus on our growth and customer service.

Our field staff has successfully utilized the Rabbit floor machine for many years; it’s versatility, dependability is unparalleled and unquestioned within our organization. As I look back, we continue to purchase your product without hesitation and the evolution of your company has contributed to the success of ours.”

—Michael P. Hurley, former President & Co-CEO Hurley Corporation


Versatile and a Time Saver

“I’ve been using Centaur floor machines for 15 years with great success. Attachments like the water tank and the 40lb weight makes the machine’s versatility quite impressive. The baseboard attachment (Scrub Jay) is phenomenal. As you know wax and liquids get splashed on the baseboards throughout the year and it is very time consuming to remove them by hand, but with this attachment, all that is required is to apply baseboard cleaner and go.”

—Dustin Chang, FCH Maintenance

dirt2shine logo

Very Happy With Their Service

Just bought a new rabbit 3 from them and was very happy with their service and the information they provided me. Thank you.

—Bilal Mistry, DIRT2SHINE

janitors market inc

Demonstrable Superiority

“We have chosen Centaur Floor Machines, not only because of their ingenuity, but also their demonstrable superiority.

When choosing machines to sell, my philosophy has been to sell machinery that doesn’t come back for repairs often and with Centaur products, I have never been disappointed. When I sell Centaur cleaning machinery I can honestly say that it is the best and will run many years trouble free. The people who purchase this equipment need it to perform and the last thing they need, is downtime.

After 14 years, I can say without hesitation, it has been a pleasure dealing with Centaur.”

—Mike Yabrove, General Manager, Janitor’s Market Inc.