Best shampoo brush

Best Shampoo Brush  with stainless steel disc in the middle to carry the machines weight

best shampoo brush


Best shampoo brush to clean carpet. There are lot of advantage to clean carpet or rug with high quality brush. This brush bristles are Nylon. Supple enough to gently scrub carpets, yet has more “memory“ than other fibers such as polypropylene brush. The weight of the machine rest on the stainless steel DISC which is in the middle. This disc has adjustable height as the bristles wears down it can be lowered with it. The disc allows the best shampoo brush to glide on the carpet to reduce drag. The disc will prevent the bristles to bend out of shape and out of usefulness. It also will increases cleaning efficiency. The slight cost difference will pay off in no time at all.

Best shampoo brush bristles will last much longer than the regular shampoo brush. Many carpet cleaner use it instead of the bonnet. You can use it with the so called “encapsulating” type of chemicals in which case it becomes the carpet cleaners dream.

The bristles will last much longer than a regular shampoo brush.

  • It will outperform the bonnet because
    1. After the job it need not be taken to the laundry to clean.
    2. You carry only one brush and not a dozen bonnet.
    3. It will last longer than 100 bonnets.
    4. It does a better job.
    5. We have the 18″diameter (measured across the brush back) in stock.

    Fits the following floor machines: Rabbit-3, Rabbit-5, Rabbit-6  & Rabbit-8.

    Best shampoo brush. Part # 2A81983