Metal clutch plate


Clutch plate metal which is very durable and long lasting

Clutch plate metal

This Clutch plate fit all North American made swing machines made after year of 1980. It also fit machines made in China for the North American market. It may fit some European made machine but it has to be checked. This clutch plate fits all rotary brushes and drive blocks. It is made from aluminum metal which is highly impact resisting and very long wearing. By now it is a universally accepted mounting clutch plate which was not the case before 1980.

This is a popular plate. It is very easy to put on the machine.

Your first choice should be its sibling the PLASTIC clutch plate which is much less expensive. If under heavy load the plastic break then purchase this metal clutch plate.

Clutch-plates for all brushes and drive locks.

This plate will outlast the plastic and won’t break, but at times it is difficult to take it off from the machine. Make sure it is adjusted by our machine shop for easy removal. (Warning: not all sellers bother to adjust it. Some section must be grind down to allow easy removal)

  • Metal with 5”diameter center hole. Part # 2M09201.