Deluxe water tank

Floor machine deluxe water tank

Water tank drain knob

Floor machine deluxe water tank

Floor machine deluxe water tank is an essential accessory to clean floors, carpets and polishing marble. Back in the 1980’s most floor machine manufacturer made their own water tank. Today most floor machine water tank comes from China. These tanks are not bad but not good either.  They leak, they crack, they have no drain hole or drain plug, the handle is terrible and the top is open. Unless you want to have endless frustration, don’t buy this cheap tank. (We do sell them with reluctance. We don’t advise you to buy it.)Janitor-picture

Now the good news

we at Centaur re-engineered this water tank, from top to bottom. Every Floor machine deluxe water tank we sell are taken apart and fitted with new bronze valve, which is inside the tank – not outside – so the chances to get caught on the edge of the furniture is nil. Then we fit it with a new stainless steel handle which is stable and easy to reach and it won’t leak out from around the lever when the polisher is tilted back; there is a good seal around the shaft of the lever. After all this upgrade, we position the ever so important drain plug to the bottom of the tank. This plug worth its weight in gold.  At the end of the job, you just turn the knob a couple times and pull the plug out.  Then let the water out so it won’t freeze on you.

Recently we added a LID (cover) which will prevent splashing the liquid to the operators face. What a nice touch.

Water tank with LID

Floor machine deluxe water tank for
Rabbit-3, Rocky Part # 2A88900
Stonechat Part # 2A88920