13″ floor pad driver

13 inch floor pad driver for all Centaur machines

13 inch floor pad driver

13″ floor pad driver for the “downsized” Rabbit, Woodpecker or Stonechat.
This floor pad driver is ideal to use with the Rabbit-3,-5,-6,-8 and with the Stonechat for hard to reach places. These machines can be converted for less than a minute to small machine. This conversion can be done on the job without tools. It is very convenient and useful. Case in point, it can be used in small places such as behind the toilet.
On the bottom side of the block are the usual hooks to hold the pad in place. It was designed for the 175 t0 300 rpm machines. You may use it on all Centaur floor machines. However, it can be used on other make of floor machines as well. The clutch plate is universal for North American made machines.

  • Oriol floor pad driver 13”dia. Part# 2A81330