Sandpaper holding disc

SandPaperDriver Heavy duty

Sandpaper driver 18 inch diameter. Large center screw, aluminum washer and foam surface


Top view of sandpaper driver with center screw and aluminum washer.


Sandpaper driver 18 inch diameter. With center screw and aluminum washer assembled with sand paper


Sandpaper holding disc is a time-honored disc. It is around since the 50’s. The virtue of the disc is that it’s very flat. Therefore, the floor it sand will be very flat as well. Also it has an extremely well made aluminum tapered center washer with a LEFT HAND nut. We use the best available plywood  to create this driver.

Use a single-sided sandpaper or double sided sandpaper. However,  when you use a screen put a white floor pad between the disc and the screen and hold down the white pad with the center washer. You don’t have to hold the screen down with the large washer because the screen has no middle hole. All and all this is a very versatile driver.
We do stock single and double sided sandpapers as well as screen of different grits.



  • Sandpaper holding disc 18”dia Part #2A81846