Flexhoses for baseboard cleaning

 Hose for Woodpecker (Part #2A88822)

 Hose for Rabbit-3/Stonechat (Part #2A88823)

 Hose for Rabbit-5 (Part #2A88821)

Flex-hose assembly


Flexhose assembly set up for Woodpecker, Woodchuck and Stonechat. The water flows only in one direction – through the blue hose. If your machine has no blue flex-hose it can be put on any time.

Flexhose assembly set up for Rabbit-3 and Rabbit-6.

The 2-way valve assembly allows the water to flow through the flexhose for baseboard cleaning when the lever is in the “up” position; when the lever is in the “down” position, water flows on top of the brush to shampoo carpet.

Your machine can be retrofitted with one of these flex-hoses to clean baseboards.

  • Woodpecker part part # 2A88822
  • Rabbit-3, Stonechat part # 2A88823
  • Rabbit-5  part # 2A88821
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