Stone Care

Hand grinder-polisher view all

Hand grinder-polisher

very-able speed plus splash guard

5 segment metal matrix diamond view all

5 segment metal matrix diamond

  • Aggressive metal matrix diamond

  • Rosex resin view all

    Rosex resin

    • Wet use
    • 3″ dia.
    • 6mm thick
    Rosex hybrid diamond disc view all

    Rosex hybrid diamond disc

    • aggressive disc without deep scratches
    • 3″ or 4″ discs

    Mohs hardness tester view all

    Mohs hardness tester

    • Determine hardness & type of stone
    • 8 different scratchers
    GIMLET diamonds view all

    GIMLET diamonds

    Most aggressive diamond we have

    HEXAGON disc view all

    HEXAGON disc

    One of the most aggressive diamond patterns

    Magpie Aluminum with CupWheels view all

    Magpie Aluminum with CupWheels

    Aluminum, with cup wheel diamonds

    Magpie Aluminum with Gimlet diamonds view all

    Magpie Aluminum with Gimlet diamonds

    Aluminum with Gimlet diamonds

    Magpie Full Velcro face view all

    Magpie Full Velcro face

    • Accommodate 6 pieces of diamonds 3” dia.
    • 13” dia.
    Bolt and washer for Magpie discs view all

    Bolt and washer for Magpie discs

    • 5/8”dia bolt.
    • Brass washer

    Cub disc 4” dia plastic view all

    Cub disc 4” dia plastic

    • High stem #3
    • 3/8 stem #2
    SPIRAL CUP-WHEEL view all


    • aggressive diamond pattern
    • 30 grit
    • 5/8-11 thread

    Hard edge separator view all

    Hard edge separator

    • Protect carpets against rotating discs
    • 3ft or 4ft long
    Typhoon view all


    long lasting diamonds

  • for medium heavy machines

  • Tulip diamond disc view all

    Tulip diamond disc

    Long lasting Metal matrix diamond

    Gripper and back plates view all

    Gripper and back plates

    Back-plate AID. Hold Astro pad or steel-wool pad

    Diamond Chart view all

    Diamond Chart

    This chart will guide you to what diamond pad to use

    ASTRO pads view all

    ASTRO pads

    Diamond Impregnated floor pads

    Floor & Carpet Protector view all

    Floor & Carpet Protector

    • 2ft & 3ft wide
    • Floor & Carpet

    EG System view all

    EG System

    • Sacrificial plastic pluck
    • Steel Diamond Holder
    • Diamonds
    Triangle diamonds view all

    Triangle diamonds

    For Fein and Dremel tools

    EXCALIBUR flexible metal disc view all

    EXCALIBUR flexible metal disc

    • 3″, 4″, 5″, 7″ diameter
    • Grit sizes 40, 60, 120, 220, 400, 600

    Diaflex view all


    For hand grinder

    Double Row CUP-WEEL view all

    Double Row CUP-WEEL

    • Less aggressive than SPIRAL
    • 5/8-11 thread