Floor & Carpet Protector

Floor & Carpet Protector sheet with one tacky side
Floor & Carpet Protector sheet or one tacki sideFloor & Carpet Protector sheet or one tacki side


These Floor & Carpet Protector sheets  are excellent time savers. Only one side of the sheet is tacky. Once you put it down, it stays put for 60 days. When the job is finished, just pick it up & discard.

2ft wide x 200ft long  

  • FLOOR (blue) Part # 2A80330
  • CARPET (clear) Part# 2A80331

3ft wide x 200ft long

  • FLOOR (blue) Part # 2A80332
  • CARPET (clear) Part# 2A80334

The clear material is for carpet, the blue is for marble, granite, terrazzo or wood.

(DO NOT use the clear plastic on marble, granite, terrazzo or wood.) We have limited supply of these sheets. Make sure that you have your stock on hand.