Rosex resin

After you have finished working with Rosex hybrid you may continue with these resin matrix discs. Unique water channel design. Use it wet. Bevel edge easily rides over lippage if it wasn’t removed. 6mm thick.

Marble, Terrazzo.

  • Rosex 3”dia  120 grit. Part# 2C00276
  • Rosex 3”dia  220 grit. Part# 2C00277
  • Rosex 3”dia  400 grit. Part# 2C00278
  • Rosex 3”dia  800 grit. Part# 2C00280
  • Rosex 3”dia 1800 grit. Part# 2C00281
  • Rosex 3”dia 3500 grit. Part# 2C00282
  • Rosex 3”dia 8500 grit. Part# 2C00283