Tulip diamond disc

Tulip  is a time honored diamond disc. It’s bevel edge is suitable to remove lipage. Use it wet. The finish is a reasonably smooth pattern. Follow it with Rosex hybrid.

Life expectancy 10,000 – 13,000 sqft

  • Tulip 3”dia 6 grit. Part# 2C00215
  • Tulip 3”dia 12 grit. Part# 2C00214
  • Tulip 3”dia 30 grit. Part# 2C00216
  • Tulip 3”dia 70 grit. part# 2C00217


  • Tulip 4”dia 6 grit. Part# 2C00218
  • Tulip 4”dia 30 grit. Part# 2C00219
  • Tulip 4”dia 70 grit. Part# 2C00220