After you have finished working with Rosex hybrid or metal matrix Tulip, continue with these resin matrix discs. It will remove the scratches left over from the TULIP or ROSEX hybrid.

These are the best diamond discs we can suggest to use an offer for sale. Although these are thicker and costlier but last longer than the Rosex. Use it wet. They are 11mm thick.

Suggestion how to use them: When you finished with 100 grit Tulip continue with 120 grit Typhoon. Using the 220 grit would be too large of a step.

  • Typhoon 30 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00615
  • Typhoon 50 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00616
  • Typhoon 120 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00617
  • Typhoon 220 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00618
  • Typhoon 400 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00619
  • Typhoon 800 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00621
  • Typhoon 1800 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00622
  • Typhoon 3500 grit 3″dia. part # 2C00623