The Centaur Stonechat

24 Reasons Why The Centaur Stonechat Floor Grinder and Polisher Is a GAME-CHANGER For Contractors Offering Floor Prep and Restoration Services

  1. FLEXIBLE, UNIVERSAL POWER: Unlike other floor grinders and polishers, the Stonechat runs on 110V / 15 AMPs, meaning it can be used with any standard wall power outlet, such as those found in homes, hotel lobbies, or other common spaces. This eliminates the need for a dedicated 220V power source, giving you the freedom to tackle any job, anywhere, at any time.
  2. VERSATILE, MULTI-PURPOSE GRINDING/POLISHING: The Stonechat not only allows you to tackle any flooring project with ease, but also converts to a powerful 13″ counter-top grinder polisher. This added capability opens up a new revenue stream for your business, allowing you to expand your services and tackle stone countertops with the same machine, without the added costs of purchasing, storing, transporting and maintaining a separate grinder / polisher. With the Centaur Stonechat, you can get more types of jobs done.
  3. COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN: With its ergonomic offset extended handle, the Stonechat reduces fatigue and improves efficiency, especially during long duration jobs, allowing you to work easier, not harder.

  1. SAFE, EASY OPERATION: The Stonechat’s unique twist grip handle features a safety switch. With just a simple release of the handle or letting go of the machine, the Stonechat automatically shuts off, preventing the machine from “running away” and protecting both your surroundings and the operator from any potential damage or injury.
  2. POWER INDICATOR CONVENIENCE: The Stonechat eliminates the frustration of troubleshooting a faulty power outlet. Its innovative power indicator light on the handle clearly shows when the machine is properly connected and functioning, saving you valuable time, especially in large buildings and facilities where non-working outlets are common due to blown, tripped, or faulty fuses.
  3. POWERFUL, SAFE PRODUCTIVITY: The Stonechat’s onboard amperage meter on the handle allows you to monitor the machine’s power usage, ensuring that it’s safe to add additional weights for added speed and productivity without tripping breakers, meaning you can get jobs done faster without interruptions.

  1. BUILT TO WITHSTAND THE RIGORS OF USE: The Stonechat’s all-metal switch box is not only durable and resistant to damage during rough use, operation, transportation, and storage, but also cost-effective to repair. Unlike other switch boxes made of plastic, the Stonechat’s all-metal construction ensures longevity and reliability, giving you the peace of mind to tackle any project, in any environment.
  2. OPTIMAL MOTOR PROTECTION: The Centaur Stonechat is engineered for maximum efficiency and longevity. Its onboard circuit breaker, easily resettable, acts as a safeguard for the machine’s motor, triggering its fuse to trip first before the building or facility’s. This not only saves you from interruptions during a job but also extends the life of the machine, preventing costly motor replacements and safeguarding your investment.
  3. EASY, SECURE POWER CONNECT: A twist-lock mechanism for the power cable allows for easy and secure disconnection, making it effortless to carry and move the machine around. If the power cord becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new twist-lock power cable, saving you both the inconvenience and expense of calling in a service technician. This simple replacement not only saves you money but also guarantees a secure and safe connection while using the Stonechat, giving you peace of mind and confidence in every job.

  1. COMFORTABLE FOR ALL USERS: A simple yet robust metal tri-nut and collar allows for easy and precise adjustment of the handle height without bending down, making it comfortable for all users, regardless of height. Forget about the spring action or clip-on mechanisms that often break or wear out on other grinders. The Stonechat’s metal construction guarantees that the tri-nut will remain intact, providing you with consistent and reliable performance for years to come.
  2. EFFORTLESS TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE: The Stonechat’s innovative design allows for easy transportation and storage with the simple detachment of the machine handle from the base using a set of stainless-steel pull pins. The Stonechat’s compact size makes it effortless to carry up a flight of stairs or transport in a small car, eliminating the need for a truck or van. This feature gives you the flexibility to tackle any job, no matter how big or small, without any added hassle.
  3. LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: The Stonechat’s durable construction features a chrome steel handle that is not only rust-resistant but is also designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Unlike other floor grinders in its category, the Stonechat is built to last for decades, providing you with reliable and consistent performance for years to come.

  1. POWERFUL, EXTRA-WEIGHT CAPABLE GRINDING: The Stonechat’s robust construction features a cast metal base that is specifically designed to support up to 400 lbs of extra weight, giving you the ability to tackle even the toughest tasks with ease. With its unparalleled weight capacity, the Stonechat outperforms any other grinder in its category, allowing you to complete tasks faster, increasing productivity, and boosting revenue.
  2. EFFICIENT MESS-FREE GRINDING/POLISHING: The Stonechat features an integrated splashguard that keeps slurry contained while you work, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. With just a simple turn of three knobs, you can easily activate the splashguard to protect baseboards, walls, doors, furniture, shelves, and other vertical surfaces from slurry spray. This convenient feature eliminates the need for taping off surfaces or spending extra time cleaning up after a job, saving you valuable time and hassle.
  3. REVOLUTIONIZE BASEBOARD MAINTENANCE: The Centaur Stonechat, paired with our Scrub Jay baseboard cleaning attachment, revolutionizes baseboard maintenance. With a fitted flex-hose included, you can now complete a 5-hour baseboard cleaning, maintenance, and polishing job in as little as 30 minutes. Maintaining stone, marble, vinyl, and terrazzo cove baseboards has never been easier, faster and more efficient.

  1. VERSATILE, COMPACT, ADAPTABLE SOLUTION: The Centaur Stonechat is not only a powerful floor grinder and polisher, but also a versatile machine that can adapt to any task at hand. Its unique design allows you to downsize and convert it into a compact 13″ floor machine by simply removing the integrated splashguard. This gives you easy access to tight areas, such as around toilets and in washroom stalls, and expands your restoration and floor service capabilities, making it the perfect tool for any job, big or small.
  2. CLEANER AIR, HEALTHIER WORK: The integrated SplashGuard on the Stonechat features a dust-port that allows you to hook up a dry vacuum, effectively preventing airborne dust and minimizing the harmful effects of dust in the air when dry grinding. This feature not only improves the working environment, but also protects your health and that of those around you, making the Stonechat the ideal choice for any job.
  3. PROTECTIVE, NON-MARKING WHEELS: The Centaur Stonechat is equipped with premium, non-marking wheels that are specially designed to protect your floors from damage. These wheels are chemical-resistant and won’t leave marks or scuffs, ensuring that your floors look their best even as the machine is moved around.

  1. EXTENDED POWER CORD LIFESPAN: The Centaur Stonechat is designed with convenience in mind. Its cord hook feature allows you to keep the 14-gauge power cord neatly wound when the machine is not in use, preventing it from becoming tangled or damaged. This not only keeps your workspace organized, but also helps to extend the lifespan of the power cord and the machine, giving you more value for your investment.
  2. POWERFUL, SAFE, AND DURABLE MOTOR: The Centaur Stonechat is engineered for maximum performance and ease of use. Its powerful 1.5 HP, HIGH-TORQUE DC soft start/stop motor offers safer operation and a gentler start, making it easy for operators of all skill levels to control. The motor’s high torque allows you to add additional weights for increased speed and productivity, resulting in better finished results. An on-board rectifier further protects the motor in case of power surges or high current flow, minimizing the risk of costly motor damage and giving you peace of mind and confidence in every job.
  3. EXTENDED MOTOR LIFESPAN FOR RELIABILITY: Every motor on the Stonechat undergoes a series of enhancements and refinements to extend its lifespan, including aligning the carbon brushes, applying epoxy to the motor windings, balancing the motor for smooth operation, and improving the motor’s performance through Centaur’s own optimization methods. This ensures that the Stonechat will provide you with reliable and consistent performance for years to come, saving you from costly repairs and downtime.

  1. CONVENIENT, LONG-LASTING MOTOR MAINTENANCE: The Centaur Stonechat is designed for maximum convenience and longevity. Its motor service light indicator alerts you when it’s time to change the motor’s carbon brushes, similar to an oil change indicator in a vehicle. Thanks to the adjustments made to every motor on the Stonechat, carbon brushes only need changing about once every 10 years, saving you time and money on maintenance. This feature ensures that your Stonechat is always running at its optimal level, providing you with reliable and consistent performance.
  2. EXPAND CLEANING CAPABILITIES, INCREASE REVENUE: With a range of attachments available, you can tackle any task from baseboard cleaning to tile and grout cleaning and carpet bonnet cleaning. This expands your cleaning capabilities and opens up new revenue streams for your business. The Stonechat and Centaur attachments allow you to get more done in less time, increasing productivity and boosting your bottom line.
  3. ECO-FRIENDLY, PROFITABLE CHOICE: With readily available parts and minimal downtime for operators, the Stonechat guarantees maximum revenue for every job undertaken. Not only that, but as the ONLY Canadian-made floor grinder in its category, it boasts a low carbon footprint, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious floor care/restoration contractors and cleaners.

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