Floor Machine Weights

These are the weights to use for extra “muscle” and speed on cleaning jobs…


Adding weights to a floor machine creates more downward pressure as you’re working.

The more downward pressure you create, the quicker you get your job completed. The 40 lb horseshoe weights are engineered for exactly this purpose. 40 lb weights can be easily stacked on top of each other and are designed to fit most floor machines, not just Centaur machines.

40 lb Horseshoe Weight

40 LB Horseshoe Weight

Add these 40 lb weights to your floor machine (as per operating allowances) and strip, clean, scrub, grind and polish floors in less time.

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40 lb Horseshoe Weight2F03072

Weight Dolly


Use this convenient, custom-made weight dolly to easily move floor machine weights around. The dolly hold up to ten 40 lb weights for a total capacity of 400 lb.

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Weight Dolly2A80320