ASTRO Diamond Pads

These are the revolutionary diamond pads to use for incredible floor restoration results…

ASTRO pads are the GREEN method to maintain stone and concrete surfaces. Replacing floor wax with a hardened mechanical shine eliminates the use of chemicals.

Available from 200 grit to 6000 grit, ASTRO pads are ready to take on your next honing and polishing job, lasting longer than traditional resin diamonds and costing much less.

Use ASTRO Pads On:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Engineered Stone
  • Terrazzo
  • Wet or Dry

ASTRO Pads Grit & Size Parts Chart

Size 200 Grit 400 Grit 800 Grit 1500 Grit 3000 Grit 6000 Grit
5″ 2C00870 2C00790 2C00791 2C00792 2C00793 special order
7″ 2C00871 2C00805 2C00806 2C00807 2C00808 special order
13″ 2C00873 2C00810 2C00811 2C00812 2C00813 special order
14″ 2C00874 2C00854 2C00855 2C00856 2C00857 special order
15″ 2C00875 2C00815 2C00816 2C00817 2C00818 special order
16″ 2C00876 2C00858 2C00859 2C00860 2C00861 special order
17″ 2C00877 2C00820 2C00821 2C00822 2C00823 2C00824
18″ 2C00878 2C00825 2C00826 2C00827 2C00828 2C00829
19″ 2C00879 2C00862 2C00863 2C00864 2C00865 2C00866
20″ 2C00880 2C00835 2C00836 2C00837 2C00838 2C00839
21″ 2C00881 2C00850 2C00851 2C00852 2C00853 2C00885
24″ 2C00882 2C00840 2C00841 2C00842 2C00843 special order
27″ 2C00883 2C00845 2C00846 2C00847 2C00848 special order

6000 grit available on request in all sizes (non-stock).