Carpet Cleaning Brushes, Bonnets & Drivers

These are the brushes, bonnets & drivers to use for the best carpet cleaning results…

Bonnet/encapsulation cleaning with Centaur’s Rabbit-8 machine is the fastest way of maintaining carpets quickly and effectively. For deeper cleaning, carpet shampoo brushes are available in various sizes and models.

Bonnet Driver

13"18" Bonnet Driver

This bonnet driver has tough nylon bristles to reliably grip the bonnet during cleaning.

We recommend using the 18″ driver for 19″ bonnets.

ItemPart #
13″ Bonnet Driver2A81382
18″ Bonnet Driver2A81982

Trilock Pad Driver

18" trilock

The Trilock pad driver incorporates a built-in riser, universal clutch plate and triangular showerfeed system to help you clean with less effort.

The Trilock pad driver can be used for both pads and bonnets.

ItemPart #
18″ Trilock Pad Driver2A81944

Rayon Bonnet

19" rayon bonnet - floor machine accessories

The green strips on this bonnet enhance cleaning by trapping more dirt.

Use both sides of the bonnet to do twice the work and machine wash to clean.

ItemPart #
19″ Rayon Bonnet2A80998
19″ Rayon Bonnet (2 pc)2A80999

Microfibre Bonnet

19" microfibre bonnet - floor machine accessories

This bonnet has an extremely absorbent surface and core. Use both sides of the bonnet to do twice the work.

This bonnet is machine washable for easy cleaning.

ItemPart #
19″ Microfibre Bonnet2A80996
19″ Microfibre Bonnet (2 pc)2A80997

Nylon Shampoo Brush

13"18" 13 and 18 inch Nylon Carpet Floor Machine Brush

The Nylon Shampoo brush uses two sizes of bristles on the same brush for effective carpet cleaning.

The inner bristles are softer for gentle scrubbing, while the outer bristles are thicker and designed to hold the machine’s weight, scrub the carpet, and flex the pile.

ItemPart #
13″ Nylon Shampoo Brush2A81380
18″ Nylon Shampoo Brush2A81980

Best Shampoo Brush

18" best shampoo brush - floor machine accessories

We call this the “Best Shampoo Brush” because it lasts several times longer than a regular brush and glides easily over carpets during cleaning.

The design of the brush allows the weight of the machine to rest on the adjustable stainless steel plate preventing premature bristle wear.

ItemPart #
18″ Best Shampoo Brush2A81983