TYNEX Brushes

These are the brushes to use for multipurpose scrubbing & stripping jobs…

These carbide impregnated nylon bristles ensure consistent scrubbing and stripping action throughout all stages of brush wear. Designed to be used wet, the TYNEX brushes offer unmatched value such that ONE TYNEX brush typically outlasts 200 floor pads!

Gentle Scrub Brush


Minimal aggression brush for daily scrubbing of tiles, marble, terrazzo, epoxy, and wood floors.

Item Part #
13″ Gentle Scrub Brush 2A61367
17″ Gentle Scrub Brush 2A61767
18″ Gentle Scrub Brush 2A61867

Scrub Brush

13"15"17"18" Tynex Scrub Brush 180 Grit

Excellent scrubbing brush for vinyl and ceramic tiles. Flexible enough for cleaning uneven surfaces and narrow grout.

Item Part #
13″ Scrub Brush 2A61366
15″ Scrub Brush 2A61566
17″ Scrub Brush 2A61766
18″ Scrub Brush 2A61866

Strip Brush

13"15"17"18" Tynex Strip Brush (80 Grit)

The most popular aggressive brush for general scrubbing or stripping finishes from hard surfaces and wide grout.

Item Part #
13″ Strip Brush 2A61365
15″ Strip Brush 2A61565
17″ Strip Brush 2A61765
18″ Strip Brush 2A61865

Scarify Brush

13"18" Tynex Scarify Brush 46 Grit

The most aggressive brush with heavy gauge nylon with larger carbide for cleaning heavily soiled concrete floors.

Item Part #
13″ Scarify Brush 2A61364
18″ Scarify Brush 2A61864

Grout Brush & Pad Combination

17" tynex

The TYNEX grout brush features a 13″ scrubbing pad combined with 180 Grit brush bristles to provide superior results. It reduces the need for multiple passes and is ideal for concrete, terrazzo, tile and linoleum. Flexible enough for cleaning narrow grout lines and uneven surfaces.

Item Part #
17″ Grout Brush & Pad Combination 2A71786

6″ Hand Grinder Brush

6" Tynex 6 inch Hand Grinder Brush

Tynex brush for use with a hand grinder on stone and tile stairs. Use wet with a flexible SplashGuard.

Item Part #
6″ Hand Grinder Brush 2A60666