Drive Blocks (Pad Drivers)

These are the pad drivers to use for the best polishing, stripping, & scrubbing results you’ve ever seen…

The multi-purpose polymer drive blocks (also called pad drivers) feature built-in risers and universal clutch plates that will fit almost any rotary machine on the market that uses a standard gear box.

The pads have hundreds of individual and hardy hooks to securely hold pads in place while being used. These drive blocks will help you get better results when polishing, stripping and scrubbing.

Oriol Drive Block

13"16"18" Oriol Drive Blocks

These drive blocks have hooks to easily hold pads securely.

They feature a built-in riser and a standard durable plastic clutch plate that is replaceable when worn-out. The cut outs are designed for a shower feed system that gets water to the cleaning pad during wet application use.

Item Part #
13″ Oriol Pad Driver 2A81330
16″ Oriol Pad Driver 2A81630
18″ Oriol Pad Driver 2A81830

18″ Oriol PLUS Pad Driver

18" Oriol Plus: Pad Driver - Centerlock - 18 inch

The Oriol PLUS drive block has all the features and benefits of the Oriol drive block with the addition of a helpful Centerlock.

The Centrelock helps keep the pad centred during use, extends the life of the drive block, and also keeps the pad secure on the drive block during storage or transportation.

Item Part #
18″ Oriol PLUS Pad Driver 2A81942

Oriol High Speed Driver

16"18" Oriol Highspeed Pad Driver

The high-speed drive block is designed for machines running at a higher speed (such as 300 RPM).

This block features a built-in flexible shock absorbing rubber ring, which reduces vibration and chopping caused by uneven floor pads or surfaces. This drive block is ideal for Centaur’s 2-Speed Rabbit-3 Floor machine.

Item Part #
16″ Oriol High Speed Pad Driver 2A81740
18″ Oriol High Speed Pad Driver 2A81940

Trilock Pad Driver

18" trilock

The Trilock pad driver incorporates a built-in riser, universal clutch plate and triangular showerfeed system to help you clean with less effort.

The Trilock pad driver can be used for both pads and bonnets.

Item Part #
18″ Trilock Pad Driver 2A81944

Related Parts

Centerlock Wrench

Use this handy wrench to easily loosen and tighten the centerlock on your pad driver.

Part: #2A80203


Use this left hand thread to secure cleaning pads on any Oriol Pad Driver

Part: #2A80209

Metal Clutch Plate

Universal pad driver clutch plate for a floor machine with a 5″ centerhole.

Part: #2M09201

Plastic Clutch Plate

Universal pad driver clutch plate for a floor machine with a 5″ centerhole.

Part: #2M09200