Sanding Tools

These are the sanding tools to use to get the smoothest sanded wooden floors…

Select from a choice of sandpaper disc drivers,  to sanding discs, to sanding screens to get your job completed in less time and more economically.

Crow Sandpaper Drive Block

16" crow sandpaper driver

The 16″ sandpaper disk driver is designed for use with either the double-sided sandpaper disk or the sanding screen to make the floor flat.

ItemPart #
16″ Crow Sandpaper Drive Block Flat2A81848

Sandpaper Driver w/ Foam Pad & Centerlock

18" sandpaper driver - floor machine accessories

The 18″ Sandpaper Driver is made from a plastic one-piece block. A 3/8″ foam pad and a stamped metal centering device allows the sandpaper to “hold on” to the block.

ItemPart #
Sandpaper Driver w/ Foam Pad & Centerlock2A81846

18″ Single-Sided Sandpaper Discs

18" sandpaper disc - floor machine accessories

Sandpaper discs are offered in various grits ranging from 16 to 40 grit.

ItemPart #
18″ Sandpaper Discs Single-sided, 16 Grit2A81853
18″ Sandpaper Discs Single-sided, 24 Grit2A81854
18″ Sandpaper Discs Single-sided, 36 Grit2A81856
18″ Sandpaper Discs Single-sided, 40 Grit2A81858

18″ Double-Sided Sandpaper Discs

18" sandpaper disc - floor machine accessories

Double-sided offers more rigidity to last longer and works best with the Crow Sandpaper Disk Driver.

ItemPart #
18″ Sandpaper Discs Double-sided, 16 Grit2A81863
18″ Sandpaper Discs Double-sided, 24 Grit2A81866
18″ Sandpaper Discs Double-sided, 36 Grit2A81868
18″ Sandpaper Discs Double-sided, 40 Grit2A81870

18″ Sanding Screen

18" sanding screens2 - floor machine accessories

When used under a white polishing pad on a standard drive block, sanding screens offer a quick and economic solution for sanding floors without any other specialized equipment.

ItemPart #
18″ Sanding Screen 60 Grit, Single2A81882
18″ Sanding Screen 60 Grit, 10 Pcs2A81883
18″ Sanding Screen 100 Grit, Single2A81886
18″ Sanding Screen 100 Grit, 10 Pcs2A81887

Steel Wool Grade #0 Pads

13"18" steel wool pads - floor machine accessories

This steel wool pad is made of curly steel wool to provide perfect crystallization.

The 100% steel wool core with outer layers wound radially assures that fibres contact the surface of the floor optimally for maximum performance.

ItemPart #
13″ Steel Wool Grade #0, Dozen2A81004
13″ Steel Wool Grade #0, Single2A81003
18″ Steel Wool Grade #0, Dozen2A81002
18″ Steel Wool Grade #0, Single2A81001