Time Saving SplashGuards

These are the SplashGuards to use to prevent “the mess” from spraying everywhere during cleaning jobs…

All Centaur machines are equipped with a unique integrated (and removable) SplashGuard which is designed to keep the dust, slurry and mess created during a job from ending up on walls, baseboards, furniture, planters or in the air.

No need to spend endless hours pre-taping off surfaces that you want to protect from getting dirty, and no need to clean/wipe-down baseboards or surfaces after finishing your job.

The integrated SplashGuard is non marking, long-lasting, and will also prevent the power cable from getting caught under the floor machine (which is a very common problem).

18″ SplashGuard + Dust Port

18" splashguard+port

Use this long-lasting SplashGuard to keep the mess and dust from getting on walls and baseboards.

The Centaur SplashGuards are non-marking and use stainless steel nuts so they’ll last you many years.

SplashGuard with dustports conveniently hook up to a vacuum cleaner. This is recommended for dry sanding and grinding to prevent any dust or harmful silica from getting airborne.


ItemPart #
18″ SplashGuard2E94020
18″ SplashGuard With Dust Port2E94021

Flexible SplashGuard

13"1718"20" 13" Flexible SplashGuard

Use the Flexible SplashGuard to keep the mess from spraying on to walls and baseboards while using a floor machine.

The Flexible SplashGuard is made from non-marking heavy-duty arena rubber composite so it lasts long, and comes in different sizes to fit a 13″ downsized Centaur machine as well as most other floor machines.

ItemPart #
13″ Flexible SplashGuard2E94026
17″ Flexible SplashGuard2E94030
18″ Flexible SplashGuard2E94028
20″ Flexible SplashGuard2E94035

Flexible SplashGuard + Dust Port

13"17"18"20" 13" Flexible SplashGuard + Dust Port

This Flexible SplashGuard is fitted with a convenient dust port to hook up to a vacuum cleaner.

Simply attach the vacuum hose to the dust port and prevent any dust from spreading or getting airborne while you are sanding or grinding floors.

The Flexible SplashGuard comes in different sizes to fit most floor machines.

ItemPart #
13″ Flexible SplashGuard + Dust Port2E94027
17″ Flexible SplashGuard + Dust Port2E94040
18″ Flexible SplashGuard + Dust Port2E94029
20″ Flexible SplashGuard + Dust Port2E94037

Splash/DustGuard for Hand Grinders

6"8" makita splashguard

Use the Flexible SplashGuard to keep the mess from spraying on to walls and baseboards while using a hand grinder.

This SplashGuard fits snugly around the handle and body of grinder.

SplashGuards with a dustport keep the dust from spreading and getting airborne while working.

ItemPart #
6″ SplashGuard for 5″ Plate2E94023
8″ SplashGuard for 7″ Plate2E94030
6″ Splash/DustGuard for 5″ Plate2E94038
8″ Splash/DustGuard for 7″ Plate2E94039