• Strips & Polishes Floors Faster
  • Downsizes to Clean Tighter Areas
  • Plus Cleans & Strips Baseboards

How The Rabbit-3 Helps You Get More Jobs Done With Just ONE Machine

Two Speed, Multi-Purpose, 5 in ONE Daily Floor Maintainer System


Cut Down Stripping Time by Up to 50%

Add one 40lb weight to the Rabbit-3 and cut down your stripping time by 25%.

Add a second 40lb weight and you are now able to strip floors in HALF the time it would otherwise take you.


Prevent the Mess from Spraying on Walls, Baseboards Etc.

The integrated SplashGuard on the Rabbit-3 keeps the "mess" under the machine as you’re stripping floors. This prevents nearby walls, baseboards, planters, pillars etc. from getting splattered with the dirty mess from the stripping process.

This saves you hours of clean-up after a job.


Clean Baseboards in 90%-96% LESS TIME

Easily convert the Rabbit-3 into a Baseboard Cleaning machine by adding the Scrub Jay attachment and the deluxe water tank.

What would've been a 5-Hour baseboard stripping job for a working crew, can now be done in less than 30 minutes by just 1 person.


Clean More Areas With The Rabbit-3 (including tight areas like washrooms)

Detach the Integrated SplashGuard on the Rabbit-3 in seconds and you now have a 13" downsized machine ready to get the job done in tighter spaces.

There's no need to bring in another "smaller" machine to get the job done.


Take The Rabbit-3 Anywhere You Go

Simply detach the handle from the Rabbit-3 machine base (which can be easily done in a matter of seconds) and you can now fit the Rabbit-3 in any car and get to your next job.

No need for a truck or 2 people to get the Rabbit-3 to a job or to carry it up a flight of stairs.


The Rabbit-3 Does the Job of 5 Machines

The Rabbit-3 replaces the job of 5 machines saving you upfront costs, storage, ongoing repairs and maintenance costs associated with having more equipment.

PLUS the Rabbit-3 will last you 30+ years compared to the lifespan of other machines.

rabbit-3 five in one

14 Features That Will Make Your Job Easier & Quicker

Click the to discover how the Rabbit-3 makes life easy for you.

rabbit-3 hotspots - floor machines

Technical Specifications

RABBIT-3 / 3F (Dual Speed)Part #: 2W22037 / 2W22038
Primary ApplicationAll Hard Surfaces
Electrical Supply120V – 15 AMP – 50/60 Hz
Drive Block Size18"
Downsizes To13"
Drive Block SpeedDual Speed: 200/300 RPM
MotorDC 1.5 HP
Noise Level60/63 dB
Detachable HandleYes
Electric Cord Length50 ft (15.24 m)
Detachable Electric CordYes (twist lock)
Machine Weight75.5 lbs (34.2 kg) (without electric cable)
Weights Supportedup to 80 lbs (36.3 kg)
Removable SplashGuardYes
Flex HoseYes, On Rabbit-3F
Supports Baseboard CleaningYes, On Rabbit-3F
Supports Optional Water Tank (16 L / 4 GAL)Yes
Dust Port Attachment for VacuumOptional

Choose Your Rabbit-3 System Package

Starter Package(#2W22030) Floor Stripping Package(#2W22032) Baseboard Package(#2W22034) Multi-use Package(#2W22033) Complete Package(#2W22031)


Two Speed 200/300 RPM, 1.5 hp DC Motor, 50ft Electric Cord


Two Speed 200/300 RPM, 1.5 hp DC Motor, 50ft Electric Cord


Two Speed 200/300 RPM, 1.5 hp DC Motor, Flex Hose, 50ft Electric Cord


Two Speed 200/300 RPM, 1.5 hp DC Motor, Flex Hose, 50ft Electric Cord


Two Speed 200/300 RPM, 1.5 hp DC Motor, Flex Hose, 50ft Electric Cord

18″ Oriol Plus Drive Block check check optional check check
13″ Oriol Drive Block optional optional optional optional check
13″ Tynex Scrub Brush optional optional optional check optional
Deluxe Water Tank
(w/ stainless steel handle + drain plug)
optional optional check check check
Scrub Jay #3
(Baseboard Cleaning Attachment)
optional optional check check check
SplashGuard(Can be removed to downsize machine) check check optional check check
Horseshoe Weights(To strip, scrub & clean floors faster) optional 80 lb (2x 40 lb weights) optional 1x 40 lb weight 1x 40 lb weight

3-Year Ironclad Guarantee

“Bumper-To-Bumper Protection for Your Peace of Mind”

Centaur floor machines are hand-crafted for toughness, durability and reliability.

In the highly unlikely event that your Centaur floor machine experiences a mechanical or electrical problem due to a manufacturing defect within the 3-year guarantee period, simply call us at (905) 475-5640 to have it resolved.

We will repair it for FREE, or if we cannot repair it, we will replace it for FREE.

Tools & Accessories To Help You Clean Better... And in Less Time

18″ SplashGuard

18" splashguard

Use this long-lasting SplashGuard to keep the mess and dust from getting on walls and baseboards.

The Centaur SplashGuards are non-marking and use stainless steel nuts so they’ll last you many years.

Item Part #
18″ SplashGuard 2E94020

#13 Flexible SplashGuard (fits machines with 13″ pad driver)

13" Flexible SplashGuard

Use the Flexible SplashGuard to keep the mess from spraying on to walls and baseboards while using a floor machine.

The Flexible SplashGuard is made from non-marking heavy-duty arena rubber composite so it lasts long, and comes in different sizes to fit most other floor machines.

Item Part #
#13 Flexible SplashGuard (fits machines with 13″ pad driver) 2E94026

40 lb Horseshoe Weight

40 LB Horseshoe Weight

Add these 40 lb horseshoe weights to your floor machine (as per operating allowances) and strip, clean, scrub, grind and polish floors in less time.

Learn More

Item Part #
40 lb Horseshoe Weight 2F03072

Deluxe Water Tank

Deluxe Floor Machine Water Tank

Use the 16 L (4 GAL) water tank for jobs that require a water supply – like stripping floors, baseboard cleaning & stone restoration.

Learn More

Item Part #
Deluxe Water Tank (Long Adjusting Bar) 2A88920
Deluxe Water Tank (Rabbit-8/8L) 2A88801
Deluxe Water Tank (Short Adjusting Bar) 2A88900

Scrub Jay #3

Scrub Jay #3 Baseboard Cleaner

The Scrub Jay # 3 baseboard cleaning tool is designed to fit on to any Centaur Floor Machine and cleans baseboards 4″ tall.

Item Part #
Scrub Jay #3 2A81356

Scrub Jay #4

Scrub Jay #4 Baseboard Cleaner

Attach the Scrub Jay #4 to Scrub Jay #3 to clean taller baseboards (up to 8″ tall).

Item Part #
Scrub Jay #4 2A81358

Oriol Drive Block

13"18" Oriol Drive Blocks

These drive blocks have hooks to easily hold pads securely.

They feature a built-in riser and a standard durable plastic clutch plate that is replaceable when worn-out. The cut outs are designed for a shower feed system that gets water to the cleaning pad during wet application use.

(other sizes available on special order)

Item Part #
13″ Oriol Pad Driver 2A81330
18″ Oriol Pad Driver 2A81830

TYNEX Floor Machine Brushes

Tynex Floor Machine Brushes

Available in different grit (46, 80, 180, 500) for different applications (scarify, stripping, scrubbing) and floor types.

See Available Sizes & Options

Item Part #
TYNEX Floor Machine Brushes Various Sizes & Options

Floor Cleaning Pads

floor cleaning pads

Choose from a wide selection of high-quality floor pads for stripping, scrubbing, polishing, burnishing, buffing, scuff removal, stain removal and general cleaning.

See Available Sizes & Options

Item Part #
Floor Cleaning Pads Various Sizes & Options

Grout Brush & Pad Combination

17" tynex

The TYNEX grout brush features a 13″ scrubbing pad combined with 180 Grit brush bristles to provide superior results. It reduces the need for multiple passes and is ideal for concrete, terrazzo, tile and linoleum. Flexible enough for cleaning narrow grout lines and uneven surfaces.

Item Part #
17″ Grout Brush & Pad Combination 2A71786

Bonnet Driver

13"18" Bonnet Driver

This bonnet driver has tough nylon bristles to reliably grip the bonnet during cleaning.

We recommend using the 18″ driver for 19″ bonnets.

Item Part #
13″ Bonnet Driver 2A81382
18″ Bonnet Driver 2A81982

Rayon Bonnet

19" rayon bonnet - floor machine accessories

The green strips on this bonnet enhance cleaning by trapping more dirt.

Use both sides of the bonnet to do twice the work and machine wash to clean.

Item Part #
19″ Rayon Bonnet 2A80998
19″ Rayon Bonnet (2 pc) 2A80999

Nylon Shampoo Brush

13"18" 13 and 18 inch Nylon Carpet Floor Machine Brush

The Nylon Shampoo brush uses two sizes of bristles on the same brush for effective carpet cleaning.

The inner bristles are softer for gentle scrubbing, while the outer bristles are thicker and designed to hold the machine’s weight, scrub the carpet, and flex the pile.

Item Part #
13″ Nylon Shampoo Brush 2A81380
18″ Nylon Shampoo Brush 2A81980

TroubleGone Baseboard Cleaner

4 L20 L troublegone

TroubleGone is a powerful slightly alkaline, water-based cleaning & stripping agent which is safe for use in all environments like schools and hospitals.

TroubleGone is non-caustic, non-corrosive, and very low odour making it a safe alternative to the harsh aerosol baseboard strippers on the market.

TroubleGone is specially formulated to clean and strip layers of old wax from baseboards with the Rabbit-1 or Rabbit-3 floor machine. Apply TroubleGone to any vertical surface using a brush or trigger spray.

Approx. Coverage: 150 linear feet / litre on a 4″ tall baseboard

Item Part #
4 L TroubleGone 8A01370
20 L TroubleGone 8A01371

The Rabbit-1 & Rabbit-3
Side by Side

Feature The Rabbit-1 The Rabbit-3
Motor AC DC
Soft Start/Stop Operation
Speed Single Speed
175 RPM
Dual Speed
200/300 RPM
Floor Surfaces All Hard Floors
(Vinyl, Ceramic, Tile,
Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo)
All Hard Floors
(Vinyl, Ceramic, Tile,
Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo)
Floor Care Application Cleaning, Scrubbing, Stripping,
Light Grinding, Diamond Polishing
Cleaning, Scrubbing, Stripping,
Light Grinding, Diamond Polishing,
High Speed Buffing, Burnishing
Machine Weight 104 lbs or 47.17 kg 76 lbs or 34.5 kg
(without power cord)
Downsizes from 18″ to 13″ check check
Power Indicator Light No check
Detachable Cable No check

How The Rabbit-3 Stands Head & Shoulders Above Other Floor Machines

Feature Other Machines The Rabbit-3
Integrated Splashguard (removable) No check
Downsizes from 18″ to 13″ No check
Baseboard Cleaning No check
Accommodates Weights Some check
Made In Canada No check
Typical Lifespan 5—10 Years 30—40 Years

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of floor surfaces can I work on using the Rabbit-3?

The Rabbit-3 is a multi-purpose daily floor maintainer that is designed to work on any hard surface flooring.

The Rabbit-3 is ideal for polishing floors, stripping wax of floors, diamond polishing, scrubbing floors, high-speed buffing as well as light stone grinding.

With the Scrub Jay baseboard attachment, you can also use the Rabbit-3 to deep clean and strip wax off baseboards.

What’s the benefit of having 2-speeds on the Rabbit-3?

Most floor maintenance jobs will be performed at the lower 200 rpm. This will be your primary speed for light diamond grinding/polishing, baseboard cleaning, wax stripping and floor scrubbing.

The higher 300 rpm allows you to use the Rabbit-3 for high-speed buffing and polishing replacing the need to invest in a separate buffing machine.

How does the SplashGuard work?

Lowering the SplashGuard to the floor will encapsulate the drive head and contains the spray caused by the rotating machine. This will prevent wax and stripping chemicals from being sprayed/splattered on walls, baseboards and other nearby objects. This helps to significantly reduce your cleaning time. You won’t have to “tape/mask off” all the baseboards and nearby surfaces before you start working, or clean all the surfaces after you use the Rabbit-3 for stripping floors. The SplashGuard is chemical resistant and non-marking. Centaur also makes a 13″ SplashGuard.

How does downsizing the Rabbit-3 help me?

The Rabbit-3 utilizes 18″ drive plates that allow you to work on large areas quickly and effectively.

However the 18″ cleaning path isn’t ideal or even practical when you get to tighter areas – such as working in small closets, bathroom stalls, and smaller office spaces?

By removing the SplashGuard, the Rabbit-3 will downsize to just 13″, allowing you to work in these smaller areas without you needing a separate smaller machine to work with.

What does it mean when the red light appears on top of the motor?

This light indicates that the carbon brushes in the motor need to be changed.

Think of it like an oil change indicator in your vehicle. Give Centaur a call or contact your local distributor to order a set of four replacement carbon brushes and you’ll be good to go for another 10 years.

How much does the Rabbit-3 weigh?

The Rabbit-3 weighs in at just 76 lbs or 34.5 kg without the detachable power cable.

What size floor pads can I use on the Rabbit-3?

With the SplashGuard on the machine, The Rabbit-3 is designed for using 18″ floor pads. When you remove the SplashGuard and downsize the machine, you can use a 13″ pad/block for those hard to reach areas.

When do I need an onboard water tank?

Most floor cleaning & restoration jobs are done using water.

Having a 4-gallon deluxe water tank on the Rabbit-3 takes away the extra work of having to carry and work with buckets. The convenient actuator handle on the water tank allows you to easily control waterflow at your fingertips.

This increases your productivity and reduces fatigue during a job.

The water tank is also a requirement for baseboard cleaning.

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Leading Institutions That Select Centaur Floor Machines


Versatile and a Time Saver

“I’ve been using Centaur floor machines for 15 years with great success. Attachments like the water tank and the 40lb weight makes the machine’s versatility quite impressive. The baseboard attachment (Scrub Jay) is phenomenal. As you know wax and liquids get splashed on the baseboards throughout the year and it is very time consuming to remove them by hand, but with this attachment, all that is required is to apply baseboard cleaner and go.”

—Dustin Chang, FCH Maintenance

the hurley group

One of the Secrets of Our Success

“Our relationship dates back to the mid-sixties, your persistence, dependable products and flawless customer service enabled our company to focus on our growth and customer service.

Our field staff has successfully utilized the Rabbit floor machine for many years; it’s versatility, dependability is unparalleled and unquestioned within our organization. As I look back, we continue to purchase your product without hesitation and the evolution of your company has contributed to the success of ours.”

—Michael P. Hurley, former President & Co-CEO Hurley Corporation


Exceptional Workmanship

“Centaur products have proven to be highly effective, extremely durable and cost effective. The Rabbit line meets all of or scrubbing, stripping and bonneting needs and we have many that are still in service that were purchased over ten years ago.

Furthermore, it has been our pleasure to deal with your company. You and your staff have always conducted yourselves with the highest level of integrity. That, together with a very solid product offering, has made this a very beneficial partnership.”

—Brian Gingras, CBSE President Bee-Clean Building Maintenance