Rabbit-3 Floor Polisher the Multi-Purpose Machine

This machine, during stripping with the built-in guard will prevent splashing furniture and with extra weight it will strip half the time than competitor machine does.

The Rabbit-3 is the most versatile and powerful floor cleaning machine in its class. No other swing machines even comes close! The energy saving Rabbit-3 starts up gently and automatically adjusts the load to various condition. The Rabbit-3 floor polisher is a remarkable one of a kind workhorse. It is the answer to all of your dreams. We are sure you won’t find another floor polisher (a swing machine) that will come even close to the versatility and productivity of this machine.

Our flagship two speed model model is so versatile, you can

  • Spray buff vinyl floors
  • Cleans Carpet
  • Strip floor very FAST
  • Clean BASEBOARDS up to 8-inches high
  • Cleans Grout
  • Transport it easily
  • Eliminate Splashing during stripping

Strip Floors in Half the Time

When the additional two 40lb horseshoe weight added, floors can be stripped in half the time of any other swing machine. Nor only will you save time, you’ll save money as well. The less time you spend stripping the floor, the faster you get the job done.Wow! Isn’t it great!

How to Clean and Strip Baseboards 10-25 TIMES FASTER


Baseboard Cleaning Revolutionized!

Suppose there is 18km of baseboard to clean  manually with a doodlebug or scraper. It is a terribly HARD and SLOW work. The Rabbit-3 transforms that work into a breeze and the machine will pay off handsomely.Just take the Splash Guard off and put the Scrub Jay on. Fill up the water tank with clean water. No, you don’t put stripper in it. Not for this job. Use the Trouble Gone  chemical part #8A01370 and paint it on to the baseboard. Don’t worry it won’t run off. Then use the Rabbit-3 which like a Mac Truck, will mow the dirt down. Just keep feeding water to the baseboard. The result, you’ll clean baseboard as never before. The job is FAST, easy and profitable.

How about cleaning TALL baseboard

Janitor smile-2

Did I tell you that you can clean 8 inch tall baseboard? and 8 inch tall kick plate on the doors as well.

So you still not convinced, the Rabbit-3 is the best Floor Machine?

Splashing during stripping means extra work. To eliminate splashing lower the Splash Guard. Undo the 3 black knobs – they are around the motor – and the Splash Guard will slip into place. Now you can strip without splashing.

 Grout cleaning

When cleaning tiled floors the Rabbit-3 is simply amazing with its ability to make it sparkle and clean the grout as well. All you need to do is add 40lb horseshoe weight to the machine and use the special grout brush (part# 2A71786) and grout cleaning liquid (part #8A10088) Rinse the floor when finished and your client will be absolutely trilled.

And, of course, Portability

A really nice thing about the Rabbit-3 is you can detach the handle, the cable and fit it in to a small car’s trunk. It can save your day after all your VANS are gone for the night and you have to send somebody out to take care of an emergency cleaning.

By now you thought that we could not possible say more useful thing about the Rabbit-3. Yes we can.

Cleaning around the toilet

Cleaning around toilet  with the Rabbit-3 is a HUGE bonus. Remove the Splash Guard, put a 13″ brush or pad on it and go around the toilet like the cat chasing the ball.

This is the end of the story. I think I just ran out of steam.

Our customers absolutely love the Rabbit-3 Many of them have it for over 20 years –  the longest one for 36 years. Now that is a long time.

When you order, you may choose between these two models.

  • Floor polisher Rabbit-3 Part #2W22037
  • Floor polisher Rabbit-3 with Flex hose Part #2W22038

Rabbit” is a registered trade mark of Centaur Floor Machines Ltd. “Rabbit-3” patented. “Scrub Jay” patented. “Down-sizing” patented.

  1. All moving parts are reinforced with bushing.
  2. Rectified DC soft start 1.5hp motor
  3. Dual speed floor polisher – 200 or 300 rpm
  4. Motor brush-wear indicator light, to change carbon brushes
  5. Planetary gearbox with 3 steel idler gears
  6. RED light see how this RED LIGHT can help you?
  7. Safety switch prevents accidental start-up
  8. Removable handle for easy transportation
  9. Removable splash guard, to create a small 13″ machine on the job
  10. Removable 50 foot cable, easy water tank refill
  11. Machine weight 90 lb