Carpet cleaner with pump

This machine has been replaced by the Rabbit-8

which has a better motor

  • Excellent for high traffic areas;
  • Articulated spray nozzle;
  • 4 Gallon solution tank;
  • all moving parts are reinforced with bushings


  • Built-in pump on top of motor;
  • Pump activated from top of the handle;
  • Articulated spray nozzle which may be directed 90 degrees to the left or right;
  • Accepts 19” diameter bonnet;
  • 4 Gallon solution tank;
  • Single speed 175rpm;
  • 1.5hp AC motor with two capacitors;
  • 50ft 14 gauge cable;
  • 40 psi pump;
  • Interchangeable spray tips #1, #2, #3
  • Rabbit-5. Part #2W22042


  • Water (solution) tank. Part #2A88850
  • Bonnet driver. Part #2A81982

Rabbit” is a registered trademark of Centaur Floor Machines Ltd. “Rabbit-3” patented. “Scrub Jay” patented. “Down-sizing” patented.


The fastest carpet cleaner on the market.

Spray then walk forward & and clean the carpet which may dry in half an hour. An excellent machine to maintain the high traffic areas such as in front of the elevators and entry ways.

Time saving benefit, the bonnet does not need to be dunked in to the water, just throw it on the floor, position machine on top of it then spray and walk forward.


The Rabbit-5 has a built-in pump on top of the motor & is activated from top of the handle.

It has an articulated spray nozzle which may be directed 90 degrees to the left or right. It accepts 19” diameter bonnet.

The 4 Gallon solution tank holds the solution for the job.