Rabbit-8 carpet cleaner

Rabbit-8 carpet cleaner works with bonnet or nylon brush.

Carpet cleaner on steroid

  • the fastest carpet cleaner on the market
  • built-in pump on top of the motor
  • it has 4 Gallon solution tank
  • will accept 19 inch diameter bonnet
  • All moving parts are reinforced with bushings
  • New high-power LED light
Rabbit-8 spray carpet

Rabbit-8 spraying carpet

Rabbit-8 Carpet Cleaner

Our Rabbit-8 carpet cleaner is a remarkable machine. Designed for fast, effective carpet cleaning of offices, nightclubs and homes the day or night. The Rabbit-8 carpet cleaner acts as if it is on steroids. It does the job very fast on all types of carpets. The new Rabbit-8  has a high-power LED built-in light. It is so powerful that, you don’t even need to turn the room light on, to clean the carpet. It is simply stunning.

You may use 17″ or 19” diameter bonnet.  For thorough cleaning we suggest to use micro-fiber bonnet, which will absorb a lot more moisture and dirt then the synthetic bonnet. However, if your choice is the synthetic bonnet then you might as well switch over to a nylon brush. In which case Centaur’s Best Carpet brush is a great choice. Because the Best shampoo brush has a 10-inch stainless steel disc in the middle of the brush, that carries the weight of the machine. Hence, the brush bristles won’t distort, as is the case with other type of brushes. The real benefit of using this brush is that you don’t have to cart away the dirty bonnets. Of course, you may use the “encapsulating” chemical with the brush.

The Rabbit-8 carpet cleaner is the fastest carpet cleaner on the market because of its spaying ability. Its articulated spray nozzle can be shifted 90 degrees left and right.  Although it has been designed to spray ahead of the machine it can also spray directly on top of the rotating brush or bonnet.

The cleaning method is simple. Drop the bonnet on the floor and put the Rabbit-8 on top of it.  Next, spray the carpet in front of the machine, start the machine up and then walk forward as you clean the carpet. Depending on the weather conditions, the carpet may dry in half an hour.

This is an excellent machine to maintain the carpets on frequently walked areas such as front of the elevators and entryways.

As a time saving benefit, the bonnet does not need to be dunked in a water solution and wrung out, simply throw the dry bonnet on the floor, position the machine on top of it then spray and walk forward.  The built-in pump of the Rabbit-8 is conveniently activated from the top of the handle.

The deluxe 4 Gallon solution tank has a newly redesigned valve assembly which functions extremely well. The tank is large enough for a good size job. It is easy to empty through the drain valve, which is situated on the lower backside of the tank.

Tips and Tricks of the trade

  • Pump can be activated from top of the handle
  • Articulated spray nozzle can be directed 90 degrees to the left or right
  • All moving parts are reinforced with bushing
  • Solution tank capacity is 4 gal – 16 liter
  • Single speed 175 rpm
  • 1.5hp DC motor
  • 50ft 14 gauge cable
  • 40 psi pump
  • Interchangeable spray tips #1, #2, #3
  • Rabbit-8 c/w Water tank. Part #2W22044
  • Bonnet driver. Part #2A81982

Rabbit” is a registered trademark of Centaur Floor Machines Ltd.  “Scrub Jay” patented. “Down-sizing” patented.