ROCKY floor maintainer for the RENTAL industry

Rocky - floor machine for the rental industry to grind concrete

Rocky floor machine


Multi use 17 inch floor machine

  • Spray buff floors
  • Strip floors fast with weight
  • Grind concrete floors;
  • Remove old glue from concrete;
  • Polish marble floors
  • remove epoxy coating
  • sand wood floors
  • All moving parts are reinforced with bushings


  • The Rocky fitted with a regular driving block can be used for general janitor work, such as scrubbing or spray buffing
  • The Rocky with extra weights on its base and with a black stripping pad under it, is an excellent fast stripping machine
  • The Rocky fitted with a “Magpie c/w gimlet diamonds” cutting disc and weight may be used for epoxy removing
  • Fitted with a “Magpie c/w diamond cup disc” is excellent to even out concrete floor
  • Fitted with the same “Magpie c/w diamond cup disc” it is well suited to remove lipage from marble or travertine floor
  • Fitted with a “Magpie c/w gimlet diamonds” cutting disc may be used to remove left over carpet or tile glue
  • The added40lb weight always helps to reduce the working time
  • By feeding water from the attached water tank will help to reduce dust created during grinding
  • The Rocky has a built-in dust port. During grinding an attached vacuum cleaner can remove the airborne dust
  • Because the handle can be easily removed, it can be transported in a small car

Oh! one more thing, how to Polish Stone


after you click on this link, follow the illustration


Aluminum CUTTING head with diamond Cup

Aluminum CUTTING head

Aluminum CUTTING head with 30grit diamonds Cup wheels  for grinding concrete. It will leave a reasonably smooth surface. It is excellent to smooth out concrete floor or to remove lipage from marble, travertine floor.

  • Magpie 16 inch diameter c/w 6 cup discs Part #2A81837

Aluminum CUTTING head with 20 grit diamonds “Gimlets” for concrete grinding or glue removing. Because it leaves rough surface on the floor, it is an excellent prep tool for epoxy coating. This is the most aggressive cutting head we have.

  • Magpie 16 inch diameter c/w Gimlet Part#2A81836
  • Rocky Cleaning Package Part # 2W22016
    incl: 16” Oriol Drive Block + 40lb horseshoe weight
  • Rocky Grinding Package Part # 2W22017
    incl: 16”Oriol Drive Block + 40lb horseshoe weight + 16” Magpie w/gimlets
  • 16 inch aluminium disc with 6 pcs of industrial diamonds

    Aluminum disc with single segment diamonds

  • Cutting head operates at 175 rpm.
  • Motor: AC type 1.5hp with dual capacitors.
  • 50 feet 600 volt insulated heavy duty industrial type cable
  • The following items can be added to the machine
  • Water tank Part # 2A88850
  • Weight Part # 2F03072
  • It accommodate Clarke accessories