Stonechat Stone Grinder-Polisher

Floor Machine for Polishing Marble, Granite, Travertine, Terrazzo Fast

Polish-Grind Marble, Granite, Travertine, Terrazzo Fast

  • 18 inch grinding path
  • machine gets within 1/2 inch of walls
  • 3 – 40lb horseshoe weights
  • 110 Volt, 15 Amp Soft start DC 1.5Hp motor
  • Deluxe water tank
  • Disc speed: 180 rpm
  • Extra wide (22 inches) top handle bar to reduce fatigue
  • All moving parts are reinforced with bushings

Stonechat, Marble, terrazzo grinder is the most powerful marble, terrazzo grinder and polisher machine we manufacture. Made in Canada with all Canadian and USA components. It is designed to grind, hone and polish marble, terrazzo, travertine and concrete floors.

Since it operates on 110 Volt you may use it without any restriction anywhere in North America.  The DC soft-start motor is capable of carrying over 240lbs of EXTRA weight on top of its own weight. It is equipped with the Deluxe type water tank.

What about the splash guard?

The Stonechat – carries its own Splash Guard all the time. Unscrew 3 black knobs and lower the splash guard, so that it rests on the floor, this will contain the slurry during wet grinding and dramatically reduce splashing. For dry grinding, with the splash guard lowered, attach a vacuum to the exhaust port on the splash guard.

Why is the handlebar so wide and off-set?

We made the top handlebar, 22 inch, extra wide to reduce the operator’s fatigue. The reason for the off-set is to allow the operator to get close to walls.

Don’t ignore your feedback

One of the most useful part of the Stonechat, is the Amp meter  situated on top of the handle. This meter will let you know how much  weight you can put on the machine. As the weights are added the motor electricity consumption  will increase.  This indicator is divided into 2 parts the white zone (less than 15 Amps) and red zone (more than 15 Amps). It is recommended that the Amperage be kept in the white zone.

Why having an internal circuit breaker?

To prevent downtime. The Stonechat has its own circuit breaker on the side of the switch box. This will blow before the wall panel breaker is knocked out. A very nice touch.

What to charge for the job?

One of the most important thing is to know how much you should charge for the job? You can calculate it from the production rate. Stonechat marble, terrazzo grinder polisher production ability is: 100 to 150 sq ft/hour/each step. One grade of diamond is one step. If you use 5 different grade, then you have 5 steps.

Production rate of grinding or glue removing; 100 sq ft/hour/step

Polishing terrazzo or marble rate 150 to 180 sqft/hour/step

Tips and Tricks of the trade


How to polish stone


Follow the illustration after you click on this link.

How to deal with the slurry

Now let us take a look at how to dispose of the heavy slurry? Of course you can buy a slurry compactor for 20 grand, but for a smaller amount of slurry we have a better solution. Just take a look at this link. How to dispose the heavy slurry?

You may choose to grind DRY

During dry grinding, lower the Splash Guard (unscrew the 3 black knobs) and attach a vacuum hose to the exhaust port. With a good dust collector you can remove the airborne dust which can be a major problem if not picked up.

Our suggestion for the most versatile package

  • Stonechat c/w water tank & 3x weights (40lb each) Part #2W220-4
  • Add  drive block
  • Magpie 18″Plastic c/w 6 CUB velcro diamond holders Part A81840
  • You may also need these items:
  • Magpie 18” Aluminum c/w 6 GIMLETS 16 grit part # 2A81844

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