3 Floor Cleaning Supplies You Need

checklistRegardless of what type of floor you have, you’re going to need to keep it clean. There are more floor cleaning supplies available today and it can be confusing and frustrating trying to determine which ones are right for your needs.

The Type of Floor Matters

The type of floor that requires cleaning will determine which machine is needed. The most common floor surfaces are:

  • Concrete floors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Soft wood floors
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Linoleum
  • Carpet
  • Rug

Even if your have a concrete floor that needs to be cleaned, such as throughout your office, that doesn’t mean that you should be thinking about it in the same way that a warehouse manager would consider keeping that type of concrete floor clean. You may actually have a polished concrete floor, which can change the entire dynamic of the cleaning process.

So let’s take a look at the 3 key floor cleaning supplies that you’ll need.

Floor cleaning machine

You need the right floor cleaning machine for the surface. Whether it’s a polisher, scrubber, vacuum, grout cleaner, or another machine, choose one that is ideally suited for the floor surface.

Choosing a general, clean-all-floor-surfaces type machine won’t give you the best results. Focus on the specific surface of the floor.

Cleaning products

Using environmentally safe products should be the focus, no matter what business you run. You can get some products that are stronger than others, but they could also be harmful to your health.

Pay attention to the ingredients and any warnings on the labels. Businesses are highly regulated in Canada when it comes to the chemicals that they use. Avoid fines by focusing on environmentally safe products.

Buffing machines

If you’re cleaning any type of flat floor surface, you should have a buffer. This will help bring out the shine in your floors once they have been cleaned, making them glisten and appear brand new, no matter how old they are.

If you need more information about the most important floor cleaning supplies that you should have, contact Centaur Floor Machines. We’ll put you on the right path to having incredible looking floors.

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