The 3 Primary Causes of Dust and Dirt for Commercial Buildings

cleanBeing responsible for a commercial facility can be challenging. Whether it’s a hospital, school, warehouse, or even an office building, there is going to be plenty of things that need to be cleaned, some on a regular, even daily, basis, and others less frequently.

For anyone who has cleaned a commercial property, they know that even when no one enters the facility for some time, it will require cleaning again before long. This can be frustrating, especially when trying to keep maintenance costs down.

Understanding the main causes of dirt and dust can help focus your efforts in maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy commercial property.


Dust is one of the foundations of dirt and contamination within any building, commercial or residential. 80 percent of the dust that you see gathering on various surfaces is the result of dead skin cells. The human body (as well as animals) shed their dead skin cells. For humans, this process occurs every seven days.

So no matter how much you clean or how thorough you’ve done the job, dust will continue to accumulate.


When dust gathers in large enough volumes, it can become dirt. However, the most common cause of dirt is it being tracked in from the outside. Even if employees, clients, or other individuals come from their house to the car on pavement, then from the parking lot in, they are going to track dirt in.

When it rains, dirt can be an even greater problem.


In an office, paper clips, staples, and shredded bits of paper will commonly find their way to the floor surfaces. In a commercial area like a hospital, you could have food wrappers, particles of food, and a host of other debris.

One small piece of debris isn’t a major problem, but built up over the course of a day, a few days, or even a week, it can make the entire building filthy.

Keeping up with dirt, dust, and debris is often a daily job. Having the right personnel for the job, along with the right equipment is the best way to maintain a clean and health work environment.

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