3 Reasons Why Your Concrete Floors Aren’t Looking Good

concreteConcrete floors are one of the most common types of surface for commercial facilities. Even if you have the best commercial floor cleaning equipment and experienced maintenance personnel taking care of them, there could be many reasons why they’re not looking as good as they could be.

Here are three reasons why your concrete floors may need some extra attention right now.

Reason #1: They are only being swept.

Even a concrete floor in a warehouse deserves better care than just sweeping them every once in a while. Even having them swept up on a daily basis isn’t getting everything off the surface. Dirt and grime will build up, pack down, and become a major problem that needs to be addressed before long.

Reason #2: The wrong cleaning solutions are being used.

Maintenance personnel that don’t have a great deal of experience cleaning commercial concrete floors might be using the wrong chemicals or other cleaning solutions. Even if they’re using large floor cleaning equipment to clean those floors, chemicals are also necessary to help break up dirt and grime, allowing those machines to work as effectively as possible.

If the wrong cleaning solutions are being utilized, it will likely allow that dirt and grime, gum, and other residue to remain behind. It can make the commercial concrete floor look decent, but over time it’s going to look a lot worse.

Reason #3: It’s old.

Even a concrete floor has a life expectancy. If the concrete floor is considered old, it’s going to show its age, no matter how well it was maintained through the years. At some point in time it’s going to be necessary to consider replacing that concrete floor. You’re not likely going to have to tear up the entire floor; you can actually have the top layer replaced or repaired and maybe even polished, helping it look amazing in the future.

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