3 Things to Know about Grout and Tile Cleaning Machines

Grout-brushYou have to clean a lot of tiles for the commercial floor you maintain. As a result, you also have to pay attention to the grout between those tiles. This is true for ceramic tiles and not necessarily for linoleum tiles.

If the commercial floor you maintain has linoleum tile, they will usually butt up against one another, only leaving a razor thin gap of space between the two. To the naked eye it doesn’t even look like a gap, but dust and dirt can work their way in between it, ultimately down underneath that linoleum tile, and creating a situation where the tile begins to loosen up and needs to be repaired.

When you have ceramic tile, grout needs to be cleaned just as the rest of the surface. That’s where you need a grout and tile cleaning machine.

Here are three things you should know about these cleaners.

Steam cleaners can be effective.

When you need to clean grout, steam cleaning machines can do a great deal of work as long as the grout is not overrun with grime. The steam helps to penetrate the grout and doesn’t run the risk of causing damage to it.

When you use steam cleaners, most of the grease and grime that gets collected in the grout breaks up and can be easily wiped away.

Scrubbing cleaners can cause damage.

If you have a scrubbing cleaner for the grout, it can certainly clean them, but it can also begin chipping away at some of the grout. It also has the potential to scratch ceramic surfaces.

Using a mop is the worst thing you can do.

If you have a tendency to use a mop for cleaning grout surfaces, all you’re doing is moving dirt around. Sure, the floor looks clean afterward, but a lot of that dirt is now sitting along the ground, and since grout is porous, it will eventually work its way a bit deeper.

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