3 Tips for Properly Storing Commercial Floor Cleaners

rocky_floor_machine_for_rental_industryMaintaining a commercial floor is going to depend on two major factors. First, you need to have experienced maintenance professionals who not only understand their job and how to do it in the best manner possible, but are diligent and pay attention to details. Second, you need to have the proper cleaning machines to get the job done right.

When you have high quality machines, and ones that are designed to cover the square meter space of the floor, then that is going to be significant in the battle to maintain those floors in clean, safe, and excellent condition.

Storing your commercial floor cleaning machines is essential to keeping them working properly for a long time. If you don’t take care of the machines that take care of your property, then you can’t really expect them to keep working as they should for long.

Below are three tips to properly storing those commercial floor cleaning machines that you have invested in for your property.

1. Avoid overly cramped spaces. As you’ll note, professional cleaning equipment is generally pretty durable, but it will have its limitations. If you end up shoving all of the equipment into a small closet or space, you’re more likely to end up having other items stacked all over it.

That is essentially going to lead to neglect. After all, the more scratches, dents, and damage that occurs, the less people are going to take care of it.

2. Be sure to shut down the equipment per manufacturer’s specifications. When you turn a piece of equipment off, how you turn it off could be important, depending on the manufacturer and the type of equipment that you’re talking about.

It may be necessary to idle down the motor before shutting off or raising the pads. Whatever is required for shutting down, follow those procedures.

Also, if it is recommended that you release pressure on any hydraulic systems, be sure to do that as well.

3. Do not store in a cold environment. You may have an outdoor storage unit for many cleaning supplies, avoid keeping powerful commercial floor cleaning machines out there, especially during the winter.

Cold temperatures can be brutal on electrical components and if you have to start the machine up to move it, you’re going to wear down those components much more rapidly when you operate them in extremely cold conditions.

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