3 Ways to Tell if the Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment You Have Is a Worthy Investment

podiumYou have commercial floor cleaning equipment. That’s important, especially when you have a busy facility for which you’re responsible. If you don’t have quality commercial floor cleaning equipment, though, you can actually be spending more over the years than you should have to.

Here are three simple ways to tell if the commercial floor cleaning equipment you have and are using regularly is actually a worthwhile investment, is too old, or you need to rethink the priorities when it comes to this type of equipment.

1. Even cleaning.

When you have even, smooth cleaning, polishing, buffing, and waxing, that’s a pretty good sign. If you notice streaks, it appears as though one side of the machine is applying more pressure than the other, or other signs indicate uneven cleaning, polishing, or waxing, it could be due to a design flaw or old, worn out equipment.

You can certainly repair the equipment, but it may be a better investment to simply purchase something new, of higher quality.

2. Is it reliable?

Is the equipment you’re using reliable? In other words, does it break down often, do you constantly get requests from the maintenance department for repair services?

If so, it’s not very reliable. That doesn’t mean the equipment was of poor quality to begin with, but if it’s being abused or not treated properly, it can wear down much more quickly than it should.

3. Consider its durability.

The higher quality floor cleaning machines are going to be durable. They’re going to handle excessive wear and tear and even some level of abuse. Centaur Floor Machines have been around for decades and some of the machines they manufactured in the 1960s are still being used by commercial facilities today. They simply are unmatched when it comes to commercial floor cleaning equipment.

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