Centaur Floor Machines: Built to Last

auto scubberThanks in large part to society’s demand for cheaper products, many of the things that you buy today are lower quality and are less durable than their counterparts from decades ago. From washers and dryers to television sets, what once was expected to last for generations is now measured in a few short years.

In 1962, Centaur Floor Machines started manufacturing their first line of floor cleaning machines and quality, durability, and functionality were the cornerstones to their design and manufacturing process. It’s why some of these machines are still being used today in schools, hospitals, and other businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

There are several aspects that set these machines apart back in the 1960s and why they continue to deliver the best results for the most discerning clients. Quality, performance, and engineering are three of the key reasons these machines last.


The reason why many of today’s professional cleaning machines are constructed using cheap plastics and other inexpensive materials is that consumers –including the average business- is solely focused on saving money in the short term.

It’s also why these same machines will need to be replaced within a few years. Keeping a hospital, school, or other large business space clean is taxing for equipment, so while the supervisor of the business is struggling to tighten the budget, they are actually going to spend more in the long run because of poor quality.

Centaur Floor Machines never sacrificed quality through the years, which helps to set them apart.


Keeping floors clean is crucial. It can say a lot about the business. Hospitals are mandated to achieve specific standards, as are schools. When the business must meet the exacting standards of cleanliness, they need a machine that will perform better than all others each and every time.

They should be easy to operate as well. It serves no purpose for a machine to be high quality if it is too difficult to maneuver.


Today’s best machines, be it floor cleaning machines or manufacturing machines, should be engineered to maximize efficiency. Requiring more power than is absolutely necessary is poor fiscal responsibility. Making the machines easy to use while still focusing on power and performance will benefit the end user, the business.

If your business is looking for the best floor cleaning machine, consider Centaur. These floor cleaning machines are built to perform and built to last.

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