Checking on Maintenance Crews to Ensure Proper Usage of Floor Cleaning Machines

floor_machine_trainingThe maintenance department is responsible for many aspects of your commercial property. You took serious consideration when hiring the supervisor of this department. As a professional business person, you understand that just because you hired somebody with experience, that doesn’t mean that the maintenance crew is doing everything they can to not only ensure high quality results, but to also maintain the equipment properly.

When you’re talking about commercial floor cleaning machines, how the maintenance department uses them can have a direct impact on not only the quality of work they produce, but the longevity of that equipment itself.

It is a good idea to avoid micromanaging various departments within your company. However, as the CEO or owner of the company, you want to make sure that you are maximizing efficiency of both equipment and time that your maintenance crew are putting into cleaning your commercial floors.

Familiarize yourself with the various floor cleaning machines that the maintenance department uses on a regular basis. The more you know and understand about each machine or device that is used, the more you can determine whether or not they are maximizing their deficiency.

You can also contact commercial floor cleaning machine dealers or manufacturers to find out various information about the specific machines and what they should be used for. You may be able to have one of their representatives come out and observe your maintenance crew to determine whether or not they are being as efficient as possible. These representatives may also be able to offer insight and advice to help the maintenance department better utilize the machines that you do have at the facility.

Have a regular meeting scheduled with your maintenance director to do good to go over any aspects related to cleaning of the facilities. Discuss any issues that you notice as they arise and allow him or her the opportunity to find the proper solution.

If your maintenance department is not utilizing the floor cleaning machines properly, it could be wearing down the equipment too quickly, thus costing you more in man-hours than it should have to.

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