Concrete Floor Polishing – Why It Matters

Janitor stick polishFor any business, the type of flooring that they choose is going to have a direct impact on the level of maintenance that is required. In recent years, more companies, regardless of whether they have a corporate headquarters or a warehouse, have been choosing polished concrete.

Concrete is one of the most durable floor surfaces that you will find anywhere. It can withstand a tremendous amount of foot traffic as well as other types of traffic, including dollies, carts, and even trucks.

One of the major shortcomings for concrete in the past was how it looks. Basic concrete has an industrial, dirty appearance to it. It is grey and unappealing. It is dull and will tend to have a dusty nature to it.

Now concrete can be polished through a process of grinding and applying a unique finished to it. With the right paints and finishes, polished concrete floors can be made to look like gorgeous hardwood, marble, slate, and just about any surface that you might want. You would only be limited by your imagination and perhaps your budget.

When you polish and finish concrete flooring, you will be creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of your employees as well as your guest, clients, or customers. The condition of the floor for just about every business matters and certain surfaces simply require more general maintenance.

Polished concrete is one of the lowest maintenance type of floors that you’re going to find anywhere.

Yes, you will need to keep the floor surface clean of dirt and debris with regular sweeping and mopping, or other basic cleaning methods, but unlike linoleum or vinyl tile floors, you won’t need to strip wax and reapply that wax or buff the floors like that. You also won’t need to replace the floor. Ever.

Because of the dense, solid nature of concrete, it will last as long as the building lasts. You may need to regrind and polish the floor over time, but only a fraction of the number of times that you may have to replace a linoleum tile floor.

If you’re company is planning to construct a new building or move to a former warehouse or space that has concrete flooring, consider grinding and polishing, rather than adding a new floor surface over the original concrete surface.

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