Four Cleaning Tips that Matter throughout Winter’s Seemingly Endless Reign

floor_stripping2Keeping any commercial floor space clean during the winter is going to be far more challenging than during the worst weather of summer. That’s because a lot more dirt, salt, and other debris gets tracked in on the bottom of your shoes during winter weather.

Below are four cleaning tips that can make a significant difference for any commercial maintenance crew to help not only provide protection for floors, but also safety for any employees or individuals who step onto the property.

1. Increasing the rotation of spot cleaning. This means certain maintenance crew members should walk around the facility on a regular basis, even hourly, with a mop or other cleaning materials to spot clean stains or marks that have been tracked in from outside.

2. Use a smaller floor cleaning machine for quick jobs during regular business hours. Sometimes the floor can use a quick cleaning during the late morning or middle afternoon hours, usually when most people are at their offices and less traffic is coming in and out. It’s usually not possible to completely close of a section, but doing a certain portion of the floor quickly can help to keep them looking great throughout the day.

3. Rely on mats just inside the doors. Placing down mats can help collect a great deal of the snow, sludge, rock salt, and even sand that gets tracked in. This will help protect the floors as much as possible.

4. Strip and wax more frequently. Stripping and waxing your commercial floors on a more consistent basis during the winter can help protect them from all of those outside elements that are getting tracked in on hundreds and even thousands of feet every single day.

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