A Great Looking Commercial Floor Surface begins with the Right Equipment

commercial floors and right machineryAchieving a lustrous shine on your commercial floors is not just a matter of installing a brand new floor surface. The more foot traffic and other objects that are walking or rolling across the floor, the quicker your floor will begin to lose its shine.

In order to maintain commercial floors properly, it is absolutely essential that you have the right equipment. You can have all of the experienced maintenance crew personnel that you want, but if you don’t supply them with the proper equipment to get the job done right, then you will be seeing the condition of your commercial floor deteriorate much faster than it should have to.

What designates the right equipment?

There are numerous opinions about what may be the right floor buffer, polisher, scrubber, or anything else. The right equipment will depend on the square footage of floor space that you have to maintain. Larger square footage spaces will do better with larger machines. Areas like shopping malls and hospitals have a tremendous amount of floor space to cover. Small, hand-held buffing machines may be ideal for individual rooms and narrow corridors, but larger ride-on the floor cleaning machines will provide a much better clean more efficiently.

You also want to make sure that the machine you choose is going to last. If you purchase floor cleaning machines with the intent of saving as much money as possible in the short term, your company will likely have to purchase new machines within a few years. However, if you make the right investment in the best equipment, it should last for many years.

Speak to your maintenance department.

The best thing to do is to speak to your maintenance supervisor or manager as well as the maintenance crew themselves. These are the people who do the work on a regular basis and will be able to provide you with the most accurate assessment about what type of equipment would be best served to keep your commercial floors in tiptop shape.

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