Hiring a Commercial Floor Cleaning Service or Do-It-Yourself?

rocky_floor_machine_for_rental_industryMaintaining a commercial floor can either be relatively simple and straightforward or it can be a complicated, frustrating, and costly endeavor. Too many small to medium sized businesses don’t make the right investment in caring for their floors. As a result, they end up with old, dirty looking floors that can make the wrong impression on customers or clients.

No matter what type of flooring surface that you have, you may be met with the common dilemma about whether you should hire a person to maintain them full-time or outsource to a cleaning company.

The larger that your organization’s floor space is, the more beneficial it becomes to having your own maintenance crew on staff. It also depends on how much traffic your floors see on a regular basis. If you experience of high volume of traffic, then your commercial floors are going to require more care. This will include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, buffing, waxing, and stripping of the wax, especially for linoleum tiled floors.

As a result, you could have someone working throughout the day and even the night to keep each floor space clean and then hire a company to come in and wax or buff the floors once a week. For hospitals and schools, for example, this won’t be nearly enough, especially when you consider the amount of dirt and mud that gets tracked in on those floors every day.

The most cost effective option is to have a maintenance crew on staff with the right equipment so that they can clean, polish, wax, and buff the floors on a consistent basis. For smaller businesses, it may prove more cost effective to hire a company to come in and care for the floors once a week, or every other week, as long as someone is keeping up with the daily flow of dirt and other debris that gets tracked along those floors.


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