How Important is the Right Equipment when it Comes to Maintaining Commercial Floors?

Still Relying on a Residential Vacuum for Commercial Carpeted Office Space? How this Could be Harming EmployeesIf somebody is trying to clean a large commercial floor space using equipment that was designed for residential use or a much smaller area, it’s not only going to impact efficiency, it can actually cause problems in the future. It’s not likely going to cause damage to the flooring, unless you’re using a piece of equipment that’s far too heavy and large for the particular space you’re working on.

Also, it’s absolutely essential that you use a piece of equipment that’s specifically designed for a particular purpose. For example, a floor buffer is vitally important when waxing floors, but they shouldn’t be used to try and polished them or even strip the floors, unless there are certain attachments that are designed for that particular model.

Using the wrong piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment can cause damage to the wax finish and possibly even the floor surface itself. There are many different types of floor surfaces, including polished concrete, linoleum tile, ceramic tile, and much more. Some are more susceptible to potential damage than others, so it’s absolutely essential that the right equipment is used for each floor surface.

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