The Invaluable Necessity of Floor Buffing Machines for Commercial Floors

buffing machineYou have a brand new commercial floor in your building. It looks great. It shines. And you want to keep it that way for as long as possible. That’s because this was a significant investment and one that far too many business owners and managers try to avoid until absolutely necessary.

In order to keep it looking great and maintain that wonderful shine, you need to have the right maintenance crew as well as equipment. If you’re looking to cut corners to save money, consider what many of the world’s top companies still invest an incredible amount of money on keeping their buildings and offices in top condition. It’s not to generate sales … it’s to project a professional image.

They want their clients, partners, employees, and customers to have confidence in them (which will ultimately lead to increases sales when that happens). In order to achieve that, you need to project the right image.

What Kind of Machines are the Right Ones for Maintaining Commercial Floors?

You can get away with a mop and bucket for small, isolated spills and mishaps, but in order to protect the floor and keep that shine for as long as possible, you really need a buffer.

Some companies rely on older style burnishers, which will rely on high speeds and can deteriorate the condition of the floor. A floor buffer operates at a slower speed, so it’s safer and better for most commercial floor surfaces.

These buffers, because they operate at slower speeds, are going to be quieter than louder burnishers. So if you’re in charge of a major company or organization that has customers, clients, or others coming and going throughout the day and night, you need to be respectful when it comes to noise.

You can also choose a floor buffer that incorporates chemicals into the cleaning process, which will help save a tremendous amount of time. Each morning when your employees and others are filtering into the building, you’ll know the floors are in the best condition, with the optimal shine, and that will be projecting the right image of your company to those that matter most.

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