Do You Know Just How Much Money Your Commercial Facility Could Save with the RIGHT Floor Cleaning Machines?

save moneyHow much money is your commercial facility spending on maintenance, a new floor, or even machines and repairs? Not enough commercial facilities pay attention to these bits of data. They make assumptions and hope for the best.

In truth, when it comes to commercial floor maintenance and maintenance of other issues throughout the facility, what is commonly be referred to as ‘big data’ can pay incredible dividends to those who have to keep a tight rein on finances.

What is ‘big data?’

This basically refers to a wealth of information that a company acquires over time, not just from its customers, but how often people visit a facility, how many sales a company does in a day, postal codes and addresses of those who find the facility, how people access it, and so much more.

When it comes to big data with regard to commercial floor maintenance, the numbers aren’t going to be nearly as significant as tracking customers or clients. Still, it’s a good way to find out just how much a particular facility could save with the right equipment.

For example, a company may budget $100,000 for commercial floor maintenance for the year. This could include all of the cleaning solutions, repairs for the equipment, and wages (and benefits) for the maintenance personnel specifically hired for that task. Beyond that, the company may not look to see if there’s a way to save more money.

They just try to stay under budget.

However, if it is determined that the floors are being cleaned, stripped, scrubbed, waxed, polished, or buffed on specific days, usually in the midst of the busiest days of the week, that may not be the most effective and efficient use of time for the maintenance personnel.

Also, if more expensive cleaning solutions are being utilized in areas with less foot traffic, that could be throwing money away, as well.

When looking at the budget for commercial maintenance, also look to the numbers that commonly get overlooked. It may be determined that a better quality commercial floor cleaning machine will save more over several years than trying to keep up with the seemingly never-ending repairs of those machines currently in use.

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