Outsourcing Commercial Floor Cleaning Projects or Building Your Own Maintenance Department: Weighing the Pros and Cons of this Decision

too many coats of finishIt’s one thing when you have a business that only employs a few people and you’re looking at maintaining the floor space. Having commercial floor cleaning equipment may very well be cost prohibitive to these smaller businesses.

However, if you have a larger commercial company, especially one that’s continuing to grow but doesn’t yet have its own maintenance department, and you have a large facility to maintain on a regular basis, you could be caught in quite a conundrum. You could be trying to decide whether it’s time to begin building a maintenance department or continue outsourcing cleaning of those commercial floors to another company.

The benefits of outsourcing. For smaller companies, it could be beneficial to outsource certain projects, such as general maintenance and commercial floor cleaning. However, the more foot traffic and use that a facility gets, the more often it needs to be cleaned, waxed, stripped, buffed, and more. That will increase the investment in that outsourced company.

When that begins to happen, when the costs become prohibitive, it’s better to find an experienced maintenance personnel or even entire department and begin investing in quality commercial floor cleaning equipment. You may have an opportunity to purchase high quality commercial floor cleaning equipment over time, (finance) or lease it. Leasing may seem like a viable option in the short term to save money, but focus on continued growth and make the right investment.

Hiring the right personnel is essential. Find somebody who has direct experience buffing, waxing, stripping, and cleaning commercial floors as your lead point person in maintaining the property. This investment will pay dividends year after year for a long time to come.

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