Properly Schedule Commercial Floor Cleaning in Toronto during the Winter (and All Year Long)

proper schedule for winter cleaningMaintaining commercial floors requires a proper schedule throughout the year. Whether you have a single maintenance crew member or an entire department, the schedule is going to be important and it may vary from one season to the next.

For example, during winter your commercial floors will require more attention than they might during the later spring and summer months. Establishing a schedule can help your maintenance department fully understand what your expectations are with regard to maintaining those commercial floors.

Why proper maintenance of commercial floors is important.

You likely made a significant investment in the commercial floors of your property and want to protect them for as long as possible. The last thing any business wants to do is spend money replacing their entire floor surface many years before they should’ve had to, if they had only been maintained properly.

The better maintenance any floor surface receives, the longer it will last, regardless of how much foot traffic it sees, how much abuse it sustains, or how experienced the maintenance department and personnel happen to be.

If your maintenance department doesn’t fully understand what the expectations are, if they are tasked with keeping up with a variety of other challenges throughout the facility, they may not spend as much time focused on the floor as they should.

During the winter months, it becomes exceedingly important to increase the amount of time spent waxing, buffing, burnishing, and washing the floors than may be required during spring and summer months.

No one can fully predict what the weather is going to be like for any particular season, but encouraging your maintenance department to increase their scheduled time spent on these floor necessities, it will increase the chances that your floors are going to look great for many years to come.

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